Rishi Kapoor always has the best things to share on Twitter, right? From his controversial (but very honest) opinions to the interesting trivia he shares with his followers, he is all about being the most entertaining person on the twitter block. Recently, he shared a very old picture with his fans and asked them to guess who the person in the picture was. It looked like a tough one to me and while many guessed the answer, one person had the right answer along with the back story.

Rishi Ji shared a picture of actor Pran dressed as a woman, who wanted to surprise his newlywed sister-in-law posing as his brother’s lover. What a guy, right?

Here’s the fan’s answer:

This is legendary actor Pran. He was unmarried that time. At his elder brother’s marriage, he surprised his newly married bhabhi

posing as his brother’s lover. Heard this photo was shared by his son Sunil Sikand.

Later, Rishi Ji himself decided to cut the suspense and revealed the answer himself:

The legend Pran sahab himself. Many of you got it right. Congratulations. Pran uncle was the master of disguise. This was not for a film but a personal family joke.

It’s always such fun when we get to know such trivia about veteran film stars, right?