This season of Bigg Boss is fast becoming one of the most famous and talked about seasons due to all the drama and controversies surrounding the contestants. The show also got a new feature in the form of immunity tasks, where a contestant can evade nominations during a task and remain safe. But turns out, it’s not going to be part of the show any longer, courtesy Vishal Aditya Singh.

In the latest episode, Vishal was found cheating on one of the immunity tasks he was moderating, where he tried to make his friends win. Sidharth Shukla immediately confronted him about it, but he didn’t acknowledge his mistake then. But later, Bigg Boss also revealed that he had cheated in the task and reprimanded him for misusing his powers as the ‘sanchalak‘/moderator. And, because of this one slip from Vishal’s side, all the contestants are now going to suffer as Bigg Boss reveals that there will be no immunity tasks in the show going forward. While everyone was upset with this decision, Sidharth, who was the first one to pull Vishal up is seen laughing at it.

Have a look:

Fans on Twitter also went on a rampage and slammed Vishal for his unfair attitude and called him names like ‘beimaan‘ ‘cheater’ and ‘unfaithful’.

Well, there is never a dearth of drama in the Bigg Boss house, right? We got to wait and watch what follows, now.