The late Princess Diana has been one royal member who has had the most amount of love and respect showered on her, long after she was gone as well. Her empathy, intelligence and beauty was like no other, and if you have admired the princess at all, you will probably know how much he adored her two sons – Harry and William.

While she left them at a very tender age, she did leave small reminders of her love for them and this note that she wrote for them will be the sweetest thing you’ll read today. The princess had a close confidante in her butler, Paul Burrell, who shared an unseen note that she sent him many years ago before her fatal accident in 1997. There, she wrote that she loved her sons to death and that she hopes they grow up to be good. He also shared another post where he highlighted a phrase she wrote that is so fitting to her son, Harry’s life right now. She said, ‘I would look up and laugh and love and live‘. Paul also wished Harry, Meghan Markle and their little boy Archie all the luck for their new life. The couple recently stepped down from their royal positions and gave up their titles to live as normal citizens in Canada.

Here are his posts:

Isn’t this the sweetest? A mother’s love is always the purest emotions and this post proves just that! We too wish Harry and Markle all the love and luck!