The Mexican Beer Corona is being linked to the Coronavirus outbreak in China at a disturbingly high rate. In the past couple of weeks, Google searches for ‘Corona beer virus’, ‘beer coronavirus’, and ‘beer coronavirus’ have increased massively all over the world. In fact, between 18th to 26th January, it was observed that the searches for ‘corona beer virus’ saw a 2300% spike worldwide, as per Google Trends data. Whereas, the searches for ‘beer virus’ noticed a jump of 744% during the same time.

Well, the beer and the virus have nothing in common except the first part of the name ‘corona’. But it is extremely important to know the right information about it in order to stay safe.

Current Status

The first reported case of Coronavirus was in Wuhan on 8th December. And now, more than 20 countries have confirmed cases of the virus. Looking at the entire deadly situation, the WHO has declared it as a global emergency. Here’s a little more about what the virus is, the symptoms, safety precautions to take and what you need to remember during the outbreak.

In this time of emergency, let’s all stay safe and help each other fight this. And the virus is not related to Corona beer is anyway, whatsoever!

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