Sara Ali Khan (Source: Instagram| @saraalikhan)
Sara Ali Khan (Source: Instagram| @saraalikhan)

Sara Ali Khan skyrocketed to popularity ever since word got around that Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh‘s gorgeous daughter is making her Bollywood debut. And why not! She had a stunning face with an enviable screen presence, a humble attitude with a confident air around herself during interviews. After her debut film, she proved her mettle in acting too.

Sara’s third film, Love Aaj Kal alongside Kartik Aaryan is all set to release in theatres this Valentine’s Day and we are very excited to see this new jodi on screen. A few weeks ago, we got a glimpse of the Love Aaj Kal (2009) remake and a particular scene featuring Sara caught the fancy of internet trolls. It became a meme fest very soon, which the actress obviously  didn’t see coming.

Sara Ali Khan in The Love Aaj Kal trailer
Sara Ali Khan in The Love Aaj Kal trailer

In a recent interview with Anupama Chopra, Khan said she was kind of hurt seeing all the memes that flooded the virtual space.

Sara found it hard to ignore the trolls as looking a particular way on screen has never been her priority, she said.

When I’m trolled for that, with all the confidence still intact, it’s harder for me to sit there and say “ignore the trolls”. Because suddenly for the first time, it kind of hurts and it hit me. As a girl that has never really derived her confidence from the way she looks, I don’t mind being trolled for being ‘fat’. I don’t mind being trolled for wearing a hat… both of which has happened before.

She further said…

It hit me because all trolling before that had been about things that I don’t really pay heed to. I don’t think it’s anybody’s business what colours my cap or nails are. But I act for the audiences and seeing that kind of did upset me.

Sara also told Chopra that since she wasn’t allowed to see the monitor during the shoot, she had no idea how she looked:

Some people have said it’s because it’s a low angle shot where my mouth was looking bad, others have said it’s because it’s cut in the middle of the scene so they people haven’t seen the context. But the truth is it’s something that part of the audiences haven’t liked but I think there’s only learning from here and here’s hoping that there are parts of me in the film that they do like.

You do you, Sara! You are beautiful and we can’t wait to meet Zoe in Love Aaj Kal through you. No one looks perfect every time they are on screen. We have all deleted a selfie from our phones simply because it exhibited one flaw we don’t like about ourselves, haven’t we?!

Why can’t we accept that our favourite celebrities can also sometimes look less than perfect on screen?!