6 Easy Hairstyles You Should Try Out On Valentine’s Day

6 Easy Hairstyles You Should Try Out On Valentine’s Day

Team MissMalini
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I just realised that Valentine’s Day is only two days away and I think I can safely speak for all of us when I say that picking out a look can be difficult when you’re feeling uninspired. I try to always do something different to switch things up and keep things interesting, you know?  When it comes to my makeup or outfits, I find it easy, but I’ve always struggled when it comes to my hair. I have long curly hair that refuses to cooperate with me; and since I usually don’t have the time or patience to experiment, it can be a real challenge! So, in my effort to find something to do with my hair, I chanced upon a few ones that are super easy to follow and double up as the perfect date night inspo too!

So, if you want to try something different, here are six quick and easy hairstyles from some of my fave hairstyling Instagram accounts. I tried some of them, and they looked amazing! (DM us on @missmalinibeauty if you want to see us recreate them).

1. Overlapped Ponytail

This one is super easy to follow; it’s great if you regularly wear your hair in this way and want to make a simple, but chic change. Wearing this ponytail with a classy dress at a candle-lit dinner would be ideal.

MM Pro Tip: If your hair isn’t straight, you could use a straightener to make it more manageable and tease with a comb it for more volume to get a look closest to this one.

2. Accessorise With Scarves

Adding this adorable accessory makes anything look fun and fresh; it changes an ordinary style into a cute look for a daytime or brunch date. This style pairs well with any outfit and makes your entire look a little more vintage.

MM Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to experiment with prints and vibrant colours.

3. Ribbon Braids

Regular braids are way too boring now. Attaching contrasting ribbon takes your hairstyle to the next level by simply adding more colour and giving it a more fresh and varied look. Use a bobby pin with the ribbon and place it anywhere you want.

MM Pro Tip: Since its V-Day, pick shades of red or pink to go with the theme!

4. Flower Accessories

Whatever your hairstyle may be—whether it’s a messy bun, braid, or even just a simple ponytail, adding a touch of tiny flower accessories or even real ones (like baby’s breath) by just wedging them in, makes all the difference! If you’re wearing a cute summer dress for a lunch date, this addition is perfect.

MM Pro Tip: Choose fake flowers that look real. If you opt for real ones, chill them before you put them in your hair so that they are crisp and fresh and they last longer.

5. Twisted Bun

This one is by far the easiest and quickest one to achieve. Instead of doing that same old messy bun, go for this way neater and chic-looking twisted bun. Opt for long earrings when trying on this style as it is an easy way to make a statement. A bonus is that an up-do like this also makes your neck look longer!

MM Pro Tip: Use a hair product that will give your hair more volume for a fuller-looking bun.

6. Messy Fish Braid:

If your hair is curly, long, messy, and a task to handle, just like mine—this type of braid is the perfect one for you! This hairstyle is easy to follow and no trouble with which part goes where. This style is ideal for when you want to go out, but your hair just isn’t cooperating.

MM Pro Tip: Try this style on unwashed hair and use a texturising spray so that your hair won’t be slippery. Tease or curl your hair before you start braiding to give it more body.

To sum it all up, you can try these easy and quick hairstyles for your Valentine’s Day date if you want to do something cute with a little variation to complete your look and impress your date!

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