Why You Should Never Eat Your Boogers

Suruchi Patwary , 02 Mar 2020

There’s a good chance that while you’re reading this, you’re surrounded by nose pickers. Don’t believe me? In one study, almost 91% of people admitted to picking their nose regularly. You too could be a regular nose picker, no shame in that, just don’t stick them under tables. But a lot of people don’t just stop there. They take it once step further and eat those juicy nose nuggets a.k.a. boogers! And apart from attracting glares from people around you, you’ll also be inviting some serious health problems with this habit.

Boogers are made up of mostly gel-like proteins which makes them gooey as well as special immune proteins that help in fighting off germs. And since boogers are always swarming of harmful viruses, these immune proteins are even more important.

So coming back to our point. Boogers work like frickin’ front-line soldiers, defending your body against germs and bacteria. Because when we breathe, it’s not just plain air we take in. Along with the air come bacteria, dirt and a handful of viruses. But the sticky mucus lining inside your nostril traps all of these, letting only the air go in. And because of breathing, the air hardens the sticky mucus turning it into a booger. It has all the viruses, bacteria and dirt trapped safely in it. Now the natural way to get rid of it is by blowing your nose or sneezing it out.

So when people decide to eat the booger instead, what it does while being digested is release the harmful pathogens straight into your system. And that does not sound good! Also, some claim eating boogers can actually strengthen your system but that’s not true and has no scientific proof. They don’t offer any health benefits whatsoever when consumed.

Now that you know all this, keep your hands away from your boogers and defo don’t snack on them. Stay safe, kids!

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