I still remember the way I felt right before I got my hair coloured for the very first time. I was sitting in the salon chair with chunks of foil holding my hair together. The funky smell of the hair colour wafted through the air, and I had a knot in my stomach, hoping that the hair colour would turn out exactly as I want it to be. Thanks to the hair gods and my hairstylist, my hair colour turned out exactly as I imagined it to be. However, the problems started coming in later. A few weeks after colouring my hair, I realised that I hadn’t done enough research before getting my hair coloured. If you’re new to the wonderful world of hair colour and you’ve been wanting to take the plunge then here’s what you need to know beforehand:

1. It Can Damage Your Hair

Any extreme change can damage your hair. Hair colour can dry out your hair and make it brittle over time. This is something you have to be informed about before you dye your hair. Go to a trusted professional hairstylist who can help minimise the damage and suggest you repairing hair care products according to your hair care needs.

2. Make Sure The Colour Suits Your Skin Tone

Just like one lipstick can’t flatter all skin tones, one hair colour can’t flatter all skin tones. Hence, have a conversation with your hairstylist and figure out which colour will suit your undertone best.

3. The Colour Can Fade

With every hair wash your hair colour can fade a little bit. This is unavoidable, but you can take steps to make your hair colour last longer. You can use shampoos with pigments that will catch on to your hair colour and make it more vibrant.

Infuse My. Colour Copper Shampoo | (Source: www.amazon.in)
Infuse My. Colour Copper Shampoo | (Source: www.amazon.in)

4. There’s A Lot Of Maintainance Involved

If you want your hair colour to look vibrant, then you have to make sure you maintain it. The amount of maintenance involved depends on the type of hair colour you’ve opted for. If you have global hair colour, then you might have to visit the salon regularly for root touch-ups. In my opinion, ombré hair colours are the easiest to maintain. If you choose a colour like red or purple, you may have to visit the salon often to get it retouched and use a special kind of shampoo and conditioner. So, have a talk with your hairstylist and figure out a tailored hair care routine for you.

5. You’ll Have To Change Your Hair Products

The biggest mistake I made after getting my hair coloured was to use an ordinary shampoo and conditioner. After you’ve coloured your hair, it’s imperative that you use products specifically made for coloured hair.

De Fabulous Reviver Hair Repair Shampoo And Conditioner | (Source: www.amazon.in)
De Fabulous Reviver Hair Repair Shampoo And Conditioner | (Source: www.amazon.in)

6. Be Clear About What You Want

Before you walk into the salon, have a clear idea of what you want your hair to look like. If you’re vague about how you want your hair to look like, then you may end up not getting what you want. So carry inspo pictures and be clear with your hairstylist.

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