Happy Couple by Rido | (Source: Shutterstock)
Happy Couple by Rido | (Source: Shutterstock)

Relationships are hard work. And while some require more work than others, all relationships still require patience, dedication and loyalty to the person you’re dating. Relationships mean sacrifice, but not always. While it might be all fun and games in the beginning, as you ease into your life with your partner, the monotonous days turn into doubt: Am I with the right person? And trust me, regardless of how amazing your relationship is, you’re bound to question it from time to time. So, to help give you some perspective, here are 7 signs that you are, in fact, dating the one for you:

1. You Argue Respectfully

Arguments are part of any healthy relationship. If you’re not arguing, you’re definitely treading over eggshells around them. But whenever an argument does arise, you both handle it with caution, careful to not disrespect the other. If your partner ensures to not be spiteful, bitter and bring up your insecurities during fights, then you’ve found the one.

2. They Acknowledge Your Flaws

Just as how your partner might have flaws, you do as well. You’re no saint or Mother Theresa and that’s nothing to be sad about. Now, while your hair chewing may be annoying to others, the right person will find it absolutely adorable. Same goes for them though. Your partner might be super forgetful, but instead of criticising them, accept them for who they are: flaws and all!

3. There’s No Pressure To Be Perfect

While in the beginning, you dress up, look pretty (or handsome!) and make an effort to shower once in a while, the dynamic shifts once you’re in a committed relationship. The right one will not expect you to look like Julia Roberts (or James Dean) the second you wake up in the morning! Physical attraction is still there, but it means something different now.

4. They Push You

It could be that your partner is an extrovert, and you’re not. Yet, they encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and do something you’ve always wanted to but been too afraid not too. And when you do end up taking that leap of faith, you’ll be thankful to them!

5. You Make Compromises

Compromises are part of every loving and strong relationship. Not that you have to give up everything for the other person, but small sacrifices such as giving up seafood because they’re allergic or sleeping with a small lamp on because they’re afraid of the dark will show how mature you are.

6. You Both Are Terrified

Terrified of the love that you share, I mean. You know what you two have is a real, amazing and rare thing to hold onto. And the mere thought of losing one another can make you go weak in your knees! But you know you’re with the right person when the confidence outweighs your fears.