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Every time I watch a beauty guru’s video on Instagram or Youtube, I always come across this piece of advice—“Sleep on a silk pillowcase, that’ll help your hair!”. I couldn’t help but wonder why sleeping on a particular type of fabric would change the frizz levels of hair. I was sceptical but also incredibly intrigued. My curiosity paired with the fact that there are thousands of people out there that swear by this trick pushed me to give silk pillowcases a try. Here’s how it went:

What Are The Benefits?

Before I bought a silk pillowcase, I decided to research a little about its benefits. So if you’ve been debating over whether or not you should buy one for yourself, have a look at the benefits it has to offer:

  • The texture of silk will help reduce friction between your hair and the pillow. This prevents your hair from becoming frizzy and helps maintain any protective hairstyle you wear.
  • It also helps prevent moisture loss.
  • Not only is it beneficial for your hair, but it is also helpful for your skin.

My Experience With Silk Pillowcases:

I’ve been using a silk pillowcase for the past week, and I have some thoughts:

  • First thing I noticed was the texture of the pillowcase. When I lay my head onto it, it was significantly softer and smoother than my cotton pillowcases. So that’s one thing I loved about it.
  • The next morning, my hair was still slightly frizzy but not as frizzy as it usually is when I used a cotton pillowcase.
  • Another benefit that I noticed was that my skin enjoyed the feel of it too. My skin felt smoother and the inflammation that was already present on my skin, calmed down a little bit.

So, in conclusion, I would say that it slightly helped reduce the frizz in my hair, but it showed no drastic results. IMHO what works best to tame frizz is a good hair care routine with nourishing products and a following proper diet.

Should You Use It?

A good quality silk pillowcase is quite an investment, but if you want to take every step, you can to improve the texture of your hair, then using a silk pillowcase will be beneficial for you. However, keep in mind that only using a silk pillowcase will not be helpful. It should only be a supplement to a good hair care routine.

P.S. If you want a cruelty-free and vegan alternative to silk pillowcases, then you can try using a satin pillowcase.

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