You. I’m talking to you reading this. You’re the one who’s taking this situation lightly, no? By still going out with your friends, acting as if everything is alright, partying, eating out in restaurants…the list is endless. While I thought I could do the same as well, the situation in Italy has scared me the most. The COVID-19 has spread rapidly, causing a grave amount of deaths and infecting hundreds of people each day.

An Italian man took to alarm everyone by saying, “To the rest of the world, you have no idea what’s coming”

He speaks about how Italy is on quarantine. The country never suspected this and underestimated the intensity of the situation.

Stage 1: Denial: “It will never happen to me”

Stage 2: Sudden Surge In Coronavirus Cases

Stage 3: 25% of the country is under quarantine

People still went out, drank, ate, partied.

Stage 4: National Health Emergency

Doctors and nurses are getting infected, spreading it to families as they work with no shifts anymore.

The doctors have to choose who to treat. This is like war.

Stage 5: An Epidemic Has Begun

Stage 6: Total lockdown, only grocery stores and pharmacies are open.

Final thoughts…

Moral Of The Story: Self Isolation Is Important: Stay At Home, PLEASE.

Stay safe out there. Please self-isolate. Take this time to heal.