Just this week, we told you about how Idris Elba had tested positive for the Corona Virus. He has been in isolation since and just went live with his followers this morning regarding his progress. He says that he got himself tested after he got news of how the person he was in contact with recently was tested positive for it. He mentions that it was someone in the public eye and that he is most likely to have been exposed to the virus on the 4th of March.

4th of March is when Idris was clicked together with Sophie Trudeau, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. They were at the We Day UK Charity event in Wembley where Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton was also present. Soon after, Sophie was tested positive for the Covid-19 virus and was put in quarantine.

In the video, Idris says:

It is hard to say when I got the disease, or when I contracted Covid-19. I will say that I know I have been exposed to it from March 4. That was when I was in contact with the person who tested positive for it. I was on location, about to start filming and news breaks that this person, who is also in the public eye, has tested positive.

Check out the video:

Idris also opened up about how he has suffered from asthma his whole life, and that he fits into the category of most at risk. He doesn’t have any symptoms yet but is surely worried about it not leading to any health complications for him.

We wish Idris a speedy recovery and send him all the strength to sail through this period!