When I heard that I would be working from home for a solid 2-3 weeks, my first reaction was to jump up and down with happiness. Finally, an introvert’s dream come true: I can work, sleep, eat in my bed and no one’s gonna say anything. And while we have to do everything within our reach to stay at home, practice social distancing and isolate ourselves, it can get boring after a while. 2 weeks in and I’m yearning to go out with friends already! And even though we cannot right now, we will in the next few weeks (hopefully!). Till then, let’s stop binge-watching Netflix and do something more creative, shall we?

1. Bake A Cake

Now’s the time to test out those baking skills, no? Whip out your granny’s recipe book and get baking.

2. Clean Your Closet

Best time to do this, TBH. No distractions or excuses any more, friends.

3. Learn How To Cook

Once again, my grandmas Tarla Dalal books will come handy as I try making Indian fusion foods.

4. Play Board Games With Your Fam/Roommates/Partner

Monopoly, Family Fued, Cluedo are all excellent ideas! Pop open the wine bottle and start playing.

5. Do A Puzzle

When’s a better time to do the 1000 pieces puzzle you’ve been putting off for so long?

6. Put On A Face Mask

Here are some at-home DIY face mask recipes that are perfect for all skin types!

7. Start Journaling

The best thing you can do is write down your thoughts onto paper to feel better.

8. Practice Yoga Every Single Day

Yoga a day, keeps the doctor away, no? Some de-stressing breathing exercises can be found here.

9. Make A Reading List & Complete It

All those books you had pending in your reading list are now on priority! Read more and finish the 52 books a year challenge.

10. Clear Our Your Inbox

All those old emails that are useless can go now, thank you!

11. Learn A New Painting Style

Art is therapeutic and this is exactly what you should indulge in during a time like this.

12. Start TikToking!

Learn a couple of the famous dances and recreate them with your sister/partner/roommates!

13. Learn How To Do Some Killer Makeup Looks

Here are some looks you can dabble around with.

14. Write 3 Things You’re Grateful For Everyday

Apart from journaling, self-affirmation is key to raising your spirits!

15. Exercise Every Single Day

Every. Day. You’ll thank me later.

16. Practice Singing

In the bathroom or in front of the mirror, unleash your inner rockstar!

17. Learn A New Hairstyle

That complicated braid that you saw on your favourite influencer, here’s your golden chance to mastering it.

18. Unsubscribe From Those Emails

I hate those emails from shops and websites I once visited. Time to unsubscribe from them!

19. Write A Book

Why not try to start penning down a story? Could be the next Harry Potter series, you never know!

20. Listen To Music & Dance Your Heart Out

Hear your favourite tunes and dance crazy to them!

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