The world is under lockdown thanks to the coronavirus. Everyone except our heroic health care providers and essential workers is currently trying their best to socially distance themselves. And of course, celebrities who otherwise are constantly on trips due to their jobs are being the flag bearers of social distancing and isolation by encouraging their fans and followers to do the same. While we’re still just getting used to our work from home schedules, late-night hosts are back with their shows that are being shot from their homes. They conduct their interviews online and through video calling to entertain us. And TBH, I’m kind of loving it.

Ryan Reynolds was the most recent virtual guest on Stephen Colbert‘s and as is the norm, Stephen asked as to what he’s up to at home and Ryan being his cheeky self replied that they’re a little on to gardening currently, but mostly he’s just drinking.

Stephen further asked him how he’s managing in an all-women household and he said that he doesn’t mind and in fact, he said he didn’t miss masculine company at all. He even got into detail about what he does with his 3 daughters. He said while he doesn’t try to impose gender normative things as soon as they are born, all his daughters are really into stereotypically girly things. He revealed that he had spent the day making dresses out of tissue paper with his daughters and he loved it.

He also revealed that his wife Blake Lively was going to give him a hair cut the following day and he was very excited. Although he went on to reveal that the last time she did it, it had taken up to 2 and a half hours.

Check out the whole video here:

We love Ryan Reynolds for how candid, witty and fun he is.

Earlier this week, a fan wanted to know if he had watched the Gossip Girl and of course he tweeted back at her saying that he’d drank it.

We’d like to think he might have consumed it so much that he’s that thorough with it.

Check it out:

Ryan and Blake have made generous contributions to both the US and Canada to help in the fight of COVID-19 as well.