3 Things That Happen To Your Skin When You Pop Pimples

Eesha Kokane , 06 Apr 2020

Pop Pimples

Besides skipping sunscreen, one skincare sin that your dermatologist will consider unforgivable is popping pimples. We’ve all been there before, staring at that one giant pimple, debating the pros and cons of popping it. Well, I’m here to burst your bubble and tell you that the cons far outweigh the pros. By popping that zit, you’re not only putting yourself through excruciating pain, but you’re also causing long-term damage. You can either make the wise choice and decide to ignore it and wait for it subsides on its own. Or you can choose to pop it, which will bring you short-term satisfaction but cause long-term damage to your skin. Here’s what will happen to your skin if you decide to pop that pimple:

1. It Might Cause More Breakouts

I hate to break this to you but popping pimples is an open invitation for more breakouts to appear on your face. When you pop a zit, all the bacteria, debris and oil that it holds spread on your skin; hence, causing more breakouts. So be patient with that pimple and resist popping it.

2. It Could Lead To Permanent Scars

According to studies, popping zits can cause permanent scars on your skin. It can leave behind hyperpigmentation which may last on your skin for a very long period of time. Treatments involving lasers and chemical peels might help fade these scars, but it may be expensive and time-consuming. So it’s best to leave that pimple alone.

3. You Are Changing The Texture Of Your Skin

Sometimes, popping zits can cause indents in your skin which can change your skin texture. In the future, it can be tough to cover the uneven surface of your skin with makeup. That’s why leave that pimple alone and be patient with it.

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