5 PS4 Games That'll Keep You Occupied And Happy During Quarantine

Nelly Wadia , 11 Apr 2020
PS4 Games By defotoberg | www.shutterstock.com
PS4 Games By defotoberg | www.shutterstock.com

I know we’ve discussed in length before that I’m an avid TV show and movies buff but what you didn’t know is that I also love playing games. And to my good luck, my boyfriend is a gamer. Ever since he’d walked into my life, this whole other avenue and world opened up. I always had the inclination towards gaming and tech but I never actively sought after it. Now, since he’s quite deeply involved with the subject I’ve had the luxury to not only witness him play several PS4 games but also had a chance to dabble in some of them myself.

What I realised about me however is that I enjoy more narrative-based games. So I’m driven by a good story, one that takes me out of my reality. Well to a great extent gaming is about escapism which is why so many people veer towards this activity. Online gaming sales and internet usage has spiked ever since the lockdown and now you know why. So apart from splitting my time working, cooking, sleeping and watching TV, I also play a few games. Some of them I’ve enjoyed thoroughly and some, not so much. But as usual, I feel like I should tell you about a few games that you have definitely got to try, even if you’re a beginner. No time like the present to try new things eh?

Here’s a list of PS4 games to keep you busy till quarantine ends:

1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (My favourite PS4 game of all time)

Uncharted 4 is hands down one of my favourites so far. If you’ve followed the other 3 before this then you already know that the game is about finding lost treasure. The game takes you through many scenic routes and locations. The graphics are so realistic in nature that it makes you feel like you have the wind in your hair and that you’re standing at the edge of a cliff over-looking the bluest ocean water. The gameplay is simplistic and captivating and exactly what a new PS4 user needs when familiarising themselves with the tech.

2. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

You probably first heard about Assassins Creed, thanks to the Micheal Fassbender starer movie. I played Assassin’s Creed Odessey a few months before and was totally drawn in at the get-go. Like Uncharted, The Assassin’s Creed is a series of PS4 games as well.  The series is about an assassin, (you) with a series of targets to take down, across different time periods. I love how accurate the costumes and locations were. I remember my boyfriend playing one that was about a pirate assassin and another was based in the land and time of the pharaohs. I’ve genuinely loved The Assassin’s Creed games because it will transport you to that time and space. Catch a quick glimpse of the game below.

3. God Of War

Who isn’t fascinated with some mythology? God of War has you playing this burly dude called Kratos, a Greek God of war in this fictional mythology that presents him as a demi-God. The love child of Zeus and his mortal mother, Callisto, Kratos fights through the scurge of the underworld while he battles with the sins of his past. What got me blown away about God of War, was its sheer grandeur. Again set in the BC era, the stunning visuals and enormity of the missions left me with wonder.

4. Until Dawn (Another PS4 favourite)

Not only is Until Dawn a narrative-driven horror game on the PS$ where you (the player) gets to decide how the game moves forward. Think Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, but done way better. The story follows 8 young adults who have to survive on a mysterious mountain until, well dawn. Besides how beautiful the game looked in the moonlight, and its eerie and genuine scare gameplay, what makes this another favourite is the decision making. You as the player; must decide the actions of each of these eight youngsters, and hope to help them all survive until dawn. Each decision made will have a ripple effect into the chosen character’s interactions, at later stages of the game. Never enjoyed playing the puppeteer so much since my days on The Sims.

5. The Last Of Us

Just as the name suggests, and ironic to this current situation, The Last of Us has a great story. In the game. you control Joel, a smuggler tasked with escorting a teenage girl, Ellie across a post-apocalyptic United States. The cataclysm was brought upon all living things but a mutant fungi; transforms its human hosts into the infected. This game really had me at the edge of my seat yelling and yelping. The fights with the infected sent my heart pounding, and so did all the sneaking around them undetected. With the story too, there was so much pain and loss all over, that you question humanity only to be surprised as the game ends. Another smashing PS4 game that had me reaching for that remote control over and over.

This is also a fun activity to do with family and anyone you’re basically quarantined with. Thankfully I’m guaranteed with my boyfriend who, I’m most grateful to for increasing my awareness on the world of gaming. Let me know what games have you guys been playing lately in the comments below.

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