Deepika Padukone Pulls Ranveer Singh's Leg For His Tiger King Recreation Picture

Pallavi Manoj , 16 Apr 2020
Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh (Source: Instagram | @deepikapadukone)

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are one hell of a goofy couple for sure. One look at their social media accounts is all the proof you need. Even under lockdown, the couple has managed to keep us entertained with their antics at home and we love it. Recently, it seems like Ranveer got on to the Tiger King bandwagon on Netflix and uploaded what looked like a fan-made picture of his face photoshopped on to Joe Exotic‘s body. The actor captioned it with laughing emojis.

Here it is:

While we thought this post was funny, his wife and actress DP left a comment on the post that left us in splits. She questioned her hubby as to why he thinks this is funny because this is how he dresses every day.

Check it out:

Deepika Padukone's comment on Ranveer Singh's Instagram post
Deepika Padukone’s comment on Ranveer Singh’s Instagram post

Ranveer’s best friend from the industry Arjun Kapoor also seemed to agree with DP saying this was a usual day for him.

Take a look:

Arjun Kapoor's comment on Ranveer Singh's post
Arjun Kapoor’s comment on Ranveer Singh’s post

Until we find another post that Ranveer and DP can have a banter over. This one’s our favourite for now. Or maybe second favourite after DP’s post that labelled RS Mary Kondo style. That really did top the list.

Remember this?

We’re sure there are more goofy posts to come from this couple. Keeping our eyes peeled for the same.

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