The lockdown period has certainly given us ample time since we’re all at home. Staying indoors is super challenging and it’s important to keep our minds occupied. One of the things I do is binge-watch shows. This is the best time to catch up on all the shows and movies you have missed out on. However, I have been taking a keen interest in docuseries on Netflix. I’ve been binge-watching a mix of light-hearted and intense documentary shows, and finishing them in a day or two! If you’re looking for recommendations, here’s my list of five gripping docuseries of different genres.

1. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem And Madness

This is the number one show on my list right now. Tiger King explores the life of Joe Exotic and what his life was like before he went to jail for getting caught in a murder-for-hire plot. The show introduces you to some of the biggest big cat owners who not only own but also breed exotic animals. It brings forward all their eccentricities. The show did so well that Netflix has released a new episode wherein Joel McHale, the host, talks to the characters in the show and gets a reaction to the series, how they’ve been portrayed and their new fame.

2. Chef’s Table

Do you love food and get fascinated about how chefs come up with the most beautiful recipes and restaurants? Then Chef’s Table is for you. You’ll be introduced to a bunch of talented chefs from all around the world in this Emmy-nominated series. They talk about their passion for food and how they turned their culinary dream into a reality.

3. Explained

Have you ever wondered why certain diets fail? Does the world of K-pop intrigue you? What really goes on in an animal’s mind? These are some of the random questions that Explained answers. The news site, Vox, produced the show. They aim to educate the audience on topics that are not really discussed daily in the media. Trust me, you’ll want to know the answer to some of the most bizarre things in the world.

4. The Royal House Of Windsor

If you’ve enjoyed watching the fictional series, The Crown, watch The Royal House Of Windsor. This docuseries talks about how the British Royal Family has kept its power intact for over 100 years, politics they dealt with and more. Now that Prince Harry and Megan Markle have stepped down from their royal duties, I hope the makers come up with a new episode.

5. Night On Earth

The wildlife docuseries, Night On Earth is a deep dive into the world of nocturnal animals. The show is actually shot at night with the help of highly advanced, low-light camera technology. I’ve grown up watching wildlife shows on National Geographic and Animal Planet but this show has certainly raised the bar, making it a must-watch.

Which docuseries are you going to start watching first? Let me know in the comments below.

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