Myntra Studio
Myntra Studio

Every time I shop online I feel a sense of scepticism wash over me,—What If I buy this product and it doesn’t suit me or fit me? Of course, I know I can return it but it seems like such a waste of time and can be very disappointing. And yes you see the images and videos beforehand on the website but Indian bodies differ so much that it can be really hard to decipher what will work in the end. But being India’s leading e-commerce platform today, Myntra has obviously been paying attention to their customer’s and consumers’ woes because, in addition to their e-commerce platform on the app, they’ve also launched Myntra Studio to solve my issue and many more.

Myntra Studio-Personalised Influencer Content
Myntra Studio-Personalised Influencer Content

What is Myntra Studio?

What is Myntra Studio, you ask? And how do you get your hands on it? First, you need to download the Myntra app from the app store on your phones and on the top left-hand side you’ll notice the icon for sure. Hard to miss! Now let me tell you about this cool new feature.

Basically, Myntra Studio is a platform that provides Myntra‘s users’ access to original and exclusive content. This content is meant to not only be entertaining but also to inspire the audience. And, when you’re browsing and spot an outfit on your favourite influencer that you must own, you can directly click on the shop icon and buy it or even add it to your wish list for later. It brings the shopper one step closer to the influencer and the user can follow their favourite fashion brands and the fashion creators as well.

It’s been designed to provide you, the user with useful tips, tricks, and hacks to keep you looking and feeling like your best self. This will help users, as well as popular brands, stay up to date on the happenings in fashion’s fast-paced world and updated on all the latest trends as well. Now the reason I drew the parallel about my shopping woes is that, now that I will be able to see these garments worn by my favourite influencers, I can be sure that a particular item will work for me because I’m looking at it on a real-girl.

The platform will provide users with personalised content based on their browsing history and preferences, which is amazing because I really enjoy it when I find things tailored to my likes and dislikes. This is great because it goes beyond being just a shopping app, but more of an experience-driven one that delivers not just on the product but the inspiration as well. Myntra makes the platform it a unique feature by, seamlessly bridging the gap between inspiration and shopping.

A few of my favourite things about Myntra Studio:

  • 70% of the content on Myntra Studio is currently led by influencers.
  • It allows the creators to showcase their unique personalities by connecting with a wide user base.
  • About 2500+ pieces of content that will include images and videos will go live in the launch phase.
  • Out of that 1000 pieces will be celebrity-driven to give customers easier access to the style choices of fashion’s elite.
  • Everything you see on the feed will be shoppable, from video to your cart—How great is that?
  • Every day 50 new pieces of content will be added to their feed stream.
  • And the best part is that all the content is shoppable.
Myntra Studio-Celebrity Fashion Inspiration
Myntra Studio-Celebrity Fashion Inspiration

Amar Nagaram, CEO, Myntra, said

Myntra Studio vastly expands on our content-led approach, strengthening our fashion proposition and consumer engagement. We want to drive more engagement on the platform through Myntra Studio’s original and valuable content. While its shoppability feature will allow us to come full circle with our customers. This platform will also enable and encourage more conversations on fashion and lifestyle, led by influencers, celebrities, and brands. Myntra Studio, an end-to-end in house product, is available within the Myntra App itself. Our vision is to democratize fashion through technology, and this is a feature that brings fashion and lifestyle closer to our customers. Myntra Studio will also allow our customers to follow their favourite influencers, brands as well as hashtags within Myntra Studio.

Make sure to download the Myntra app from the app store on your phones. This is guaranteed to give you full access to Myntra Studio‘s fun and enlightening content. Let me know your thoughts about this new feature in the comments below.

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This post is in partnership with Myntra.