While I was cleaning my closet the other day, I came across my old neon spaghetti top that I used to wear as a teenager (and yes, it still fits me today). Man, it took me back to my school days because it was so in back then. This bright highlighter hue came into the fashion scene in the 1970s and 80s. It was rocked by pop artists like Madonna and later made appearances in movies, trickled down to fashion runways, and then to the streets till it became a massy favourite. It has also become a popular trend in nightlife and music festivals. However, today you can sport a neon outfit anywhere and make a bold statement.

TBH, the last time I wore anything neon was when I was probably 14 years old. Now I’ve become a little iffy when it comes to wearing bright colours. But after I cleaned my closet and found a few more neon tops, I couldn’t help but want to figure out a way of styling them. I was going through my explore feed on Instagram and happened to look at some of the looks sported by fashion bloggers. They seemed to have aced the neon trend like total pros and their style inspired me so much that I decided to take some tips from them and share them with you all in my second blog on the Blogger Pro Tip series. Once the pandemic ends and it’s safer to go outside, I will certainly be implementing these tricks. Check our how eight of my fave influencers pull off the neon trend in easy ways.

1. Aayushi Bangur Goes Monochrome

Go bold and wear a neon dress, jumpsuit or co-ord set just like Aayushi. You can either pair it with neon shoes of a similar colour or opt for something more subtle. Ayushi has donned a pair of nude flats to break the monotony.

2. Santoshi Shetty Keeps It Futuristic

An electric green tube top can be paired with neutral colours such as black and white. Santoshi paired hers with black joggers and white ankle-length boots. Her sunglasses added a futuristic theme to her outfit. I would totally rock something like that at a concert.

3. Roshni Bhatia‘s Formal Take

Who said you can’t wear bright, flashy colours to a formal event? Roshni Bhatia aka The Chique Factor styles her business look with a checked blazer cinched at the waist and a neon green pencil skirt. She accessorised the look with black leather, knee-high boots with a snakeskin printed heel, and a black, round handle bucket bag with graphic embroidery. The takeaway here is to break the neon with a formal element of a neutral or subtle hue.

4. Deeksha Khuranna Trusts Her Denim Jacket

Another way of breaking the monotony in your neon outfit is by styling it with denim. Deeksha opted to accessorise her dress with a denim jacket and hair slides. Doesn’t she look so cute?

5. Shereen Sikka Keeps It Subtle

If you’re someone like me who doesn’t like too much of colour, Shereen is here to save the day. Take notes on how she layered a blue and white striped pantsuit over a neon green turtleneck top, which is only visible in small amounts. This is a smart way of adding a pop of colour with neon to your look.

6. Diksha Vohra Plays With Tones

Diksha has paired her in-cut, sleeveless, rib-knit top with white pants and balanced her look by playing with tones and styled a pista green jacket over it.

7. Juhi Godambe‘s Accessory Game

Here’s another way of adding a pop of colour. Juhi donned a black ensemble and paired it with a Jacqumus neon orange, mini sling bag. In this way, you add some liveliness to your look.

8. Trishala Sikka Mixes It Up

Trishala is always experimenting with colours and this is one such example. She mixed neon colours by wearing a neon zebra printed tee and completed her look with a neon pink graphic eye. How cool is this look?

Which of these styles would you like to try? Let me know in the comments below.

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