With all of us cooped in at home, thanks to a nation-wide lockdown amidst a global pandemic, our Instagram feeds are looking very similar. The 1:1 squares we always keep scrolling through have changed from bright colours, exotic vacations, and breathtaking views to cosy corners, rusty kitchens, and familiar couches. So, if you are running out of #throwback pictures to post on your feed, it is time to use your front camera+ self-timer, and get creative at home.

There is no better place than your cosy home for you to experiment and creatively express yourself. When taking pictures outside, there is always that hesitation of passersby and onlookers just staring at you if you try and strike a different pose or do something creative. So use this time to make good use of the spaces you have at home. Maybe try and discover new nooks that can work, and don’t be afraid to move the furniture around.

Here are some pictures that you can easily recreate at home for the gram!

#1. Grab A Stool

If you have a tall stool at home, grab one, sit cross-legged on it and use the portrait mode on your phone to keep you in focus and blur the background. You could even experiment with poses such as, leaning on the stool, sit with one foot up, and the other down and much more.

#2. Take A Mirror Outside

If you have a mirror that can be moved around, try grabbing it and taking it outside to the balcony or lawn in broad daylight, and then take mirror selfies as you normally do. You would be surprised how pretty the results are with clear summer skies and clouds in the backdrop.


#3. Master Your Mirror Selfies

Mirror selfies are not a new concept, however, considering they are the only option left, try and master the art of mirror selfies. Make sure your camera lens and mirror are absolutely clean. Add some plants or props such as colourful cushions to make the backdrop more appealing.

#4. Cuddle Up In Bed

Moving away from mirror selfies, simply climb back into bed with either a book or a meal, and strike a pose. This is one picture you certainly wouldn’t have thought of taking, had we not been restricted to our homes, making it a cool new addition to our feed.

#5. Use Sheets To Create Your Own Backdrop

Everyone has bedsheets at home, simply hang them up using a paper clip or clamp them to the corners of a solid surface. If you want a cleaner look, use sold colour bedsheets, and if you want to make the backdrop a bit more interesting, just pull out printed sheets and strike a pose, easy-peasy!

#6. Use A Strainer To Create A Kaleidoscope Effect

Here is another simple, and unique portrait shot you can take. Just use a strainer, and hold it against the sun in a way that the sunlight passes through the strainer and creates a cool effect on your face. People are also using the fabric crochet, to take pictures and create the kaleidoscope effect on the face.

#7. Use Natural Light

Lighting is the foundation of any good picture. Flash or artificial light can often flatten the picture or make the picture look over-exposed. Given that we cannot shoot outdoors, try and take the picture near a window, or in a well-lit room. Remember, a dark picture can be brightened but an over-exposed photo will look grainy when edited.

#8. Show Your Day In A Flatlay

All of us are sitting home, and living the same day on repeat, so it is nice to see what others are up to. Why not capture your Netflix and wine secession and share it with the world! All you need to do is pick up a few items that represent your day, and place them in one frame. This could be a guitar, a book, your laptop, even a whisk if you have been baking. Pick your tools and capture them.

#9. Pose With Books

A popular style of pictures doing the round on Instagram is people posing with their books. Books are a great prop to infuse some colour and life into your photo. You could either place your book in the backdrop or lay them around you on the bed.

Which one did you do you look forward to recreating? Let us know in the comments below. Follow @missmalinifashion on Instagram for more style updates.