What is it about a monochromatic look that’s so appealing? There’s just something so sophisticated and chic about it. A monochromatic outfit entails the use of pairing separates all in the very same single colour or hue. A monochrome look makes planning out your outfit a lot easier than you think. Once you’ve selected a colour that works for you, start by pairing the outfit with pieces in the same hue or varying shades of the colour scheme. An all-black outfit is the original monochrome style. All in all, this look is timeless and looks great on everyone!

You might be scratching your head and wondering how does one style a sophisticated tone on tone outfit? Well honestly it does take a bit of thought but its definitely worth trying. Plus, you can save so much time planning outfits in the morning! We’ve broken down some tips for you below on how to achieve this style with ease.

Keep scrolling to see how you can put together the perfect monochromatic outfit:

1. Pick a colour

Did we mention how important picking the right colour is? While the joy of the monochrome style is that it works with literally any colour, it’s necessary to choose colours that go well with your skin tone. I’m sure most of us know this intuitively by now. If not, start out with your favourite clothing item in your closet and use that hue as a starting point. It’s probably a safe bet because you know it already looks great on you! Remember you don’t have to stick to one solid tone, try separates with different tints or shades in the same family. Otherwise, if you’re still hesitant to play with colour, you can stick with the classic blacks and whites or neutral tones to start.

2. Play with texture

Make sure to add some visual interest to your look otherwise it can come close to looking boring. A great way to add some depth or dimension is by mixing textures. This includes not only your clothing materials but also your matching accessories like shoes, jewellery, shades, etc. Also, a great way to inject some personality is by adding layering pieces or qan unexpected pop to more neutral looks with a fun shoe or bag. For example, sequins and silk, cotton and linen or even denim on denim which is very on-trend at the moment.


3. Maintain a balance

An important rule for styling any kind of look is to achieve balance. A great thing about dressing in monochromatic outfits is that it creates one uninterrupted line for your body that helps you look leaner and slimmer. Pay attention to your proportions though. Take a look in the mirror at how your ensemble fits you and if you have achieved the vibe you’re going for.  A great starter piece is a matching pantsuit or jumpsuit that’s super easy to style. All you need to think about now are the accessories.

4. Pull focus on the right area

When using different shades of a chosen colour keep in mind where your lighter and darker pieces are. Try and highlight certain parts of your body you like or downplay others by using the right shade to do so. For example, use a darker tone like a navy for pants and a tone lighter for your top.

What are your thoughts on monochrome outfits? Are you ready to give this trend a whirl? Let us know in the comments below.

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