When a wave of sadness comes knocking at the door, everyone finds their own ways to seek solace. For some, indulging in sweet treats gets them going, while some openly talk it out. Some find their peace of mind by mingling with friends and family and some immerse themselves in hobbies they enjoy. All in all, there isn’t one, fixed way to cope. However, the one common thing that everyone turns to no matter what their mood, is music. Music, honestly, has an amazing ability to transport you to a dreamy world, and help you forget your blues for just a while!

Now that quarantine has taken up majority of our time in 2020, feeling blue has become a recurring occurrence. I mean, who doesn’t miss going out and socialising, right? I, for sure, do! Music has been my best friend forever and is my ultimate place of comfort. So in moments like these, I always plug in my headphones and jam to songs that give me a boost of motivation in a jiffy! I have an entire playlist named “When Blue” that has me sorted with more than 100 songs. But, here is a list of my absolute favourites from that playlist that I thought I should share with you!

1. Shake It Off  by Taylor Swift

The fast-pace of the song and the literal wordings “Shake It Off” are enough to get me going!

2. Hotel California by Eagles

The beautiful rhythm of Hotel California is something I will never get over! And Hotel California is one song that I can listen to on repeat for hours!

3. Hakuna MatataThe Lion King

No matter how old I get, Hakuna Matata will forever make it to all of my playlists. I mean, when I’m worried, why wouldn’t I want a meerkat and a warthog to tell me not to worry, right?

4. Girl on FireAlicia Keys

On days that I feel like I’m falling behind and I need a little bit of a reminder that I’m doing fine, I instantly tune into Girl on Fire!

5. Castle of GlassLinkin Park

Linkin Park has been my favourite band for a long time now. And this is one of my favourite songs by them for the wonderful lyrics as well as the upbeat music. So, I listen to this song almost everyday no matter what my mood is!

6. Scream & Shout – will.i.am & Britney Spears

Honestly, some days I just want to scream out my problems and let it all out! But since I live in an apartment, screaming isn’t really an option. So I listen to will.i.am and Britney Spears telling me to scream instead!

7. Pumped up KicksFoster The People

Do you have those songs in your playlist that have really catchy beats? The song Pumped up Kicks puts me in such a jolly mood for its upbeat music!

8. Oh, Pretty WomanRoy Orbison

Listening to this song reminds me of Julia Roberts‘ movie Pretty Woman, and she happens to be one of my favourite actresses. So that’s one of the reasons why I like this song. Besides that, sometimes I just like listening to someone appreciating a pretty woman, you know?

9. Miss IndependentNe-Yo

I have days where I feel like I can’t get myself to complete any tasks correctly, even the most basic ones. That I will never make it without constant help. But then when I play Miss Independent, I’m instantly instilled with a sense of confidence and that keeps me going!

10. La Vie En RoseLouis Armstrong

I’m a major Jazz fan. The soothing rhythm and the melodious music of the songs put my mind to ease when I feel over-stressed or anxious! La Vie En Rose happens to be one of my favourite Jazz songs!

Which of these songs would you be tuning in to? Let us know in the comments below!

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