Vidya Balan in a still from the movie Noone Killed Jessica)
Vidya Balan in a still from the movie No One Killed Jessica)

The 2011 biographical thriller No One Killed Jessica showcased the struggles that late Jessica Lal‘s sister Sabrina Lal had faced to get her sister’s murderer convicted. In light of Jessica Lal’s killer, Manu Sharma being prematurely released from prison, Vidya Balan who played Sabrina on-screen in No One Killed Jessica reacted to the same. The actress is of the opinion that there is no amount of jail time that is enough for people like him and she just hopes he is a reformed person. Speaking to Quint, about the release of Manu Sharma she expressed that this was her personal opinion.

She said:

Personally speaking, I don’t think any amount of time for him or for people like him in jail is enough. So that will always play in my mind. Yes, may be he has turned a new leaf. I hope he has. I hope he is a reformed person. So that’s all one can hope you know, after spending so much time in jail. That is the point of being in prison, right? That you reform. So let us hope that has happened.

For those of you who don’t know, Jessica was shot dead by Manu Sharma when she refused to serve him drinks at a nightclub in Delhi back in 1999. Manu Sharma who is the son of former Union minister Venod Sharma was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment by the Delhi High Court in 2006. Earlier this month, Manu Sharma’s premature release was approved by the Delhi Sentence Review Board.

Sabrina spoke to the media saying that she had no objection about his release and also revealed that she had written a no objection letter to the jail authorities. She simply expressed that she hoped that he is a reformed person and won’t repeat that mistake ever again. Speaking to PTI about the same,

She said:

I really do not have anything to say. I am not feeling anything. I feel numb. The only thing I hope and pray to God is that he never thinks of repeating that mistake again. I wrote that I had no objection to his release. It was a long and arduous fight… It was very difficult. It is not easy to go back to a normal life.