Mahima Chaudhry Opens Up About The Accident That Damaged Her Career

Pallavi Manoj , 09 Jun 2020

Mahima Chaudhry left us mesmerized by her beauty and performance right from her debut movie Pardes back in 1997. While she gave us a memorable performance, her last stint at the movies was with 2016’s Dark Chocolate. Now, she opens up about a really bad accident she had at the peak of her career that left her completely shattered mentally.

In a recent interview with Pinkvilla, the actress opened up about a horrific accident that not only left her fighting for her life but also destroyed her mentally. She revealed that back when it had taken place she was working on Ajay Devgn and Kajol‘s 1999 movie Dil Kya Karein and also said that she refused to talk about it to anybody as people back then weren’t so accepting and she would lose out on offers.

Speaking in detail about it, she said:

Then, I was working for Ajay Devgn and Kajol’s home production film ‘Dil Kya Kare’ with Prakash Jha. During that, in Bengaluru, while on my way to the studio, I had a massive accident where a truck hit my car, and the glass of my car went into my face mostly. I thought I was dying, and at that point, no one even helped me get to the hospital. It is only after reaching the hospital, much later, when my mother came, Ajay came and they went to discuss. I got up and saw my face in the mirror and saw the horror. When they did the surgery on me, they took out 67 glass pieces.

She revealed that talking about the incident still made her emotional. She opened up about the surgeries saying that she had to be stitched and stapled and stay indoors with blackened curtains as she couldn’t be exposed to sunlight and it’s UV rays so the marks don’t stay. The incident she said damaged her career that was going quite well until then. She revealed she had to let go of a number of projects during the time.

She further added:

There were a lot of movies that I had lined up for myself during that time, and I had to let go. I didn’t want people to know because at that time, people were not that supportive. If at that time, I had discussed it and said that I had cut myself like this, they would have said… ‘oh, iska toh chehra kharab ho gaya, let’s sign someone else.

I admire Mahima for coming out of the tragedy and continuing to work despite this. More power to you!

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