COVID-19 has become part of our daily news and lives now and is something we are seeing all around us. It gets even more real when we see people around us get affected by it. Like it did for actress and singer, Monica Dogra recently, whose mother caught the coronavirus.

In times where people are so worried and anxious, it is slightly reassuring to hear the experiences of someone who has actually gone through it. Monica took to her Instagram to post a video with her mother and they speak about how she survived the illness. Her mom starts by saying that the coronavirus is  something everyone should take seriously. She says that she even lost three of her friends to the virus. She gives us a rundown about the kind of symptoms she faced when she caught the virus and how she got to treating it and recovered from it. It sure isn’t an easy task, and they talk about how it is easier for the more privileged who can afford to get help.

Have a look at her video:

This is such a thoughtful gesture by Monica and her mother and I am sure a lot of people will feel better just seeing this video and relating to it, if they have also gone through the same. It is also helpful for all of us, who can stay alert of our symptoms now.

We are glad Monica’s mom is doing better now. More power to you both!