Akshay Kumar Extends Financial Aid To Actress Nupur Alankar, Renuka Shahane Thanks The Actor

Avya Sharma , 16 Jun 2020
Akshay Kumar and Renuka Shahane (Source: Instagram | @akshaykumar @renukash710)
Akshay Kumar and Renuka Shahane (Source: Instagram | @akshaykumar @renukash710)

Actor Akshay Kumar has been extending his full support in all ways during these trying times. From donating a whopping amount of rupees 25 crores towards the PM Relief Fund, an additional Rs 2 crore to the Mumbai Police Foundation to contributing rupees 45 lakh to the Cine & TV Artistes Association (CINTAA), the actor has outdone himself. Now, he has extended financial aid to actress Nupur Alankar. Recently actor Renuka Shahane had tweeted that her friend Nupur is seeking financial help. Nupur had lost her savings in the PMC Bank crash of 2019 and had to look after her ailing mother.

Have a look at the tweet:

The actress said:

An angel from our film industry has helped Nupur with a staggering amount that will help Nupur’s mother get the best possible treatment. This angel has already helped so many actors, workers from the film industry without any expectation of even a thank you in return.

Renuka remembering how Khiladi Kumar helped Nupur, said—

He read about my FB post asking for help on Twitter. He called Ranaji for details about what I had shared. He asked how much Nupur needed. I told him the amount she had asked for and he told me that it will be done. And it was & topped up with more.

She also added that Akshay is a person “who will stand by someone in need, someone who they have never met or worked with”.

That’s indeed a very kind and thoughtful gesture by Akshay Kumar!

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