Exclusive: 'Going Out & Asking For Work Comes With A Lot Of Mental Battle' — Sikandar Kher

Shravan Shah , 06 Jul 2020
Sikandar Kher (Source: Instagram | @SikandarKher)
Sikandar Kher (Source: Instagram | @SikandarKher)

I love the current times we are living in! And no, I am not talking about the quarantine. While I really want to go out, I understand that safety comes first. But the reason I am loving these times is because, in the midst of all the work and household chores, I have also been watching a lot of content. And trust me when I say this, I haven’t been happier. With everything that is coming out on OTT platforms, it is proof that Indian content is pushing its envelope now and is at par with the content that the international shows have to offer. One such show is Aarya. I recently watched The Ram Madhvani directorial and the two characters that became very close to my heart were Aarya and Daulat. Sushmita Sen and Sikandar Kher essayed the characters so well, I cannot wait to see them again in the season 2 of the crime-drama.

Sikandar has been a part of the industry for 12 years now, but he has always handpicked content he wants to be a part of.

Ask him if that has been a conscious decision and he immediately says,

I don’t feel like doing the same thing over and over again. As an actor, I have the luxury of doing what I want to do. I would get bored of doing the same thing again and again. I like to try different things and I feel like I can do many things and that gives me satisfaction. Like people say, “Main halka sa pagal hoon.” I want all the characters inside me to come out.

His character in Aarya, Daulat, has a very mysterious aura about him which I loved. He was so calm throughout, yet was up to so many things. He was like this shadow, always noticing the ones around him, yet in the background, unnoticed.

Talking about why he picked this drama, he added,

I don’t think there is any actor who wouldn’t want to work with Ram Madhvani. I got a call from casting director Abhimanyu Dey who asked me to come down for an audition. Abhimanyu told me about the part, post which I gave my test which worked. I am not a much of a reader, but when I read the script, I didn’t feel like putting it down. That’s how engaging it was.

He further also spoke about how the industry works when it comes to offering roles.

To be very honest, from the time I started, you might not have seen me around because most of my work hasn’t done well. When you’re not doing well, you’re not going to get work. I was not getting much work. Good stuff is rarely going to come your way because there is no success to back you up. So then, you have to go out and keep trying, which comes with a lot of mental battle. So I started going out asking for work. I would go out with my showreel of three minutes. If they liked what they saw, then I would get the part, post which I would decide whether I want to do it or no. Having said that, I don’t believe in what the result is going to be. Woh apne haath mein toh hain hi nahin na? Sab log mehnat se kaam karte hai. I will never put my eggs in one basket. I now believe in just doing my work. Of course, jo karunga who meri condition ke hisaab se hi karunga. But there is work. There are so many platforms and people have been getting the opportunity. To kaam hai, 1000 karo, ek toh pakka chal hi jaayega because odds are only improving.

With so much happening around him and his fellow industry colleagues, it might take a toll on him too. Ask him if it ever took a toll on him and he says,

Most definitely. It does not only happen in my profession, but in all professions. It’s only human and our mind is a fragile thing. But at the same time, it has resilience and you need to find the power within it. You can be bitter at times and think, ‘Uska kaam chal raha hai, mera kyun nahin chal raha.’ There are phases one goes through. The point is, at the end of the day, it is all about yourself. I can constantly keep feeling bitter about other people but that’s doing anything. They won’t care. It will only keep going in my head and only affect me. I really think the best way to look at things is to think positive because that way you are putting good things out in the universe which will help you in turn.

I am super happy that an interesting script like Aarya came his way and I honestly can’t wait to watch more of him on-screen!

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