Sushant Singh Rajput, Rhea Chakraborty, (Source: I rhea_chakraborty)
Sushant Singh Rajput, Rhea Chakraborty, (Source: I rhea_chakraborty)

It has been a month since we lost actor Sushant Singh Rajput to suicide. But the public outrage surrounding his death is still at its peak. There have been multiple theories about the reason behind his death, and many have been pointing fingers at his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty for abetting to his suicide.

The actress has remained mum about all the accusations that have come her way all this while. But today, she took to her Instagram to share a screenshot of a rape threat she received from a woman. She wrote that she had been accused of a lot of things, and kept quiet about it. But she was not going to stay quiet after she was subject to such violent harassment online asking her to “commit suicide, otherwise she will be raped or murdered.

Calling out the woman, Manu Raut, she writes, “Do you realize the seriousness of what you have said? These are crimes, and by law no one, I repeat NO ONE should be subjected to this kind of toxicity and harassment.”

She tagged the Cyber Crime India Helpline to take immediate action in this matter, too.

Have a look at her post:

Rhea’s friends and colleagues took to the comments section to send her love and strength.

On Monday, the actress just took to her Instagram to mark one month of Sushant’s passing, and wrote a loving note in his memory. Read more about it here.