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A virtual tour through Ananya Birla‘s Instagram account will give you a vivid sense of the singer’s taste in music and fashion. She’s got the best of both worlds, with a voice so euphonious and a style so eclectic. From what we observed, she definitely priorities comfort over anything. You’ll never find the singer sporting anything that she isn’t comfortable in and anything that’s not a reflection of her personality. She’s anything but boring and her fashion choices are proof. From oversized sweatshirts, highly distressed denim, colour-blocking tracksuits to sequined dresses and a whole lot of prints, Ananya is experimental, fluid and versatile with her sartorial game. But from her envy-inducing kitty, the fashionista is a hard and fast patron of 5 trends that we must all take note of. Wondering which ones? Read on!

5 lessons on fashion to learn from the ever-so-chic Ananya Birla:

1. Sneakers are an investment

She is a self-confessed sneakerhead and for all the right reasons. Thanks to their modern and versatile designs, sneakers are now a wardrobe staple. She swears by them on-stage and off-stage. Her expansive sneaker collection features pieces from Louis Vuitton, Off-white, Nike, Converse and more. The singer’s love for sneakers is absolutely unmissable given that she teams them with anything and everything—tracksuits, pantsuits, dresses, jeans, skirts! If you ever need convincing on why sneakers are a must, let Ananya prove to you why they are the ultimate footwear investment.

2. Animal print is timeless

The 1960s Bohemian print will probably never leave the trend charts. The exotic and timeless appeal of animal print is what makes it a universal design sitting in everyone’s wardrobe. Even Ananya’s. In fact, she loves animal print so much that she makes it look like a cakewalk to style it in a myriad of show-stopping ways. Sometimes by including subtle hints of the print in her outfits or going all out, the love story between her and animal print is one for the books. Which is basically our cue to stock up on more animal print and wear it with utmost confidence!

3. Denim can be statement-making too

The popularity of jeans has risen considerably over the years. Denim jackets have bagged a special place in everyone’s closet, from celebrities to influencers alike. Denim holds that sweet spot that lies between casual, chic and cosy and the rage around it comes as no surprise. And Ananya’s given her stamp of approval, too. She is proven time and again that you can never go wrong with denim, on-duty or off-duty. From denim trench coats to denim jumpsuits or a denim-on-denim outfit for a performance, Ananya’s love for the fabric is well-established!

4. Thigh-high boots because they are made for walking

Although not a wardrobe staple, thigh-high boots are just such a perfect mix of sexy and boss-like, that sort of just makes us want to tell people to get a pair for themselves! And Ananya realises the sartorial power that these boots hold given that plenty of styles sit in the singer’s envy-inducing, footwear wardrobe. A pair featuring snakeskin print, one with a plaid design, a shiny silver one, the list is endless..

5. Tracksuits are comfortable and chic

Ananya’s vibrant repertoire has a place for relaxed yet rad tracksuits which is right on sync with her fashion moto: ensure that comfort prevails in fashion! Ananya’s lesson is that tracksuits can be show-stopping on-stage as well as off-stage. And her pricey collection includes sets from Louis Vuitton, Nike to Fendi.

Apart from these 5 lessons, the 6th and the most important lesson that her style serves is to always be confident in what you wear! On that note, what do you think of the birthday girl’s style guide? Tell me in the comments below!

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