During the current lockdown, it can be difficult for a new mum to get expert advice on latching and other breastfeeding concerns. So, to help them, we recently invited Lactation Expert Victoria Kumar Soraine, to host a #GirlTribeAMA on Malini’s Girl Tribe on Facebook and answer all breastfeeding-related questions the Tribe had.

Victoria shared tips on enabling latching, shared the importance of proper positioning, dealing with low supply, caring for a newborn, foods to increase supply, ways to induce lactation in biological mother in a surrogate pregnancy, and addressed other concerns related to feeding infants and young children. Read on to know all the tips she shared!

Q. What can I do to help my baby latch better?

A mum needs to sit in a comfortable position with proper back support without leaning on the baby. Support the breast in a properly-sized nursing bra so that the weight of the breast doesn’t choke the baby. Take the baby to the breast without manipulating the breast. The mouth of the baby and the nipple should be parallel to each other.

Q. What are the signs of a good latch?

Here’s what you should look out for—the baby’s wide-open mouth; nipple along with most of the areola should go into the baby’s mouth, the baby’s chin should touch the breast; and the lower lip of the baby should be curled outward.

Q. Which foods help increase milk supply?

The more the mother breastfeeds the baby, the more is the milk production. Foods like curd, dry fruits, turai, lauki, sabudana, fennel seeds, methi seeds, cumin seeds, etc. are believed to increase milk supply, but there is no scientific research yet to support this belief.

Q. When can we feed the baby solid foods?

After the completion of six months, you can start feeding the baby semi-solids.

Q. What are some remedies to relieve pain in the nipples when feeding?

If a mother experiences pain while feeding and after feeding, it indicates an improper latch. You could watch videos on Youtube for ways to help the baby properly latch on to the breast.

Q. New mothers get so exhausted that many a time, both mum and baby fall asleep while breastfeeding. I have heard that it is very dangerous and can choke the baby. What are the ways to avoid this? New mums can’t even have coffee or other caffeinated drinks!

A new mum can have 1-2 cups of tea or coffee in a day. To avoid the chances of choking, the mum needs to sit in a comfortable position with back support without leaning on the baby.

Do you have any breastfeeding tips or tricks for new mums? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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