My Favourite Traits Of The Characters From Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking

My Favourite Traits Of The Characters From Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking

Rishika Devnani

The popular Netflix show creating a buzz in the past few weeks is none other than Indian Matchmaking. Relevant and relatable to the millennials, we all can understand the cringe-worthy process of finding a suitable partner for  marriage or being set up by friends and family. The show is hosted by Sima Taparia, who defines as herself as Mumbai’s top matchmaker. Sima has clients based in Mumbai and the United States, and the episodes take us on a journey as she visits them to seek out their perfect match. Unlike the traditional process during our parent’s time, Netflix‘s version outlines a more modern take on matchmaking. Here dates involve fun activities such as axe-throwing and city boat tours.

The producers carefully selected 7 participants to feature over 8 episodes and introduce viewers to their personal life. Some of the popular members are – Nadia Jagessar, Pradhyuman Maloo, Aparna Shewakramani, Vyasar Ganesan and Ankita Bansal. As a result, we form a personal connection with each of them. We inevitably and unrightfully judge them for their behaviour, root for their dates, or criticise their methodology. Some of you might take offence to the portrayal of the show, however, it does show us a portion of reality that exists out there. I had a good laugh binge-watching the series. There is a certain sense of appeal in Sima’s schemes. Her repeated descriptions and visits to face readers and astrologers make me laugh out loud. Consequently, for those single, it gets you thinking about your future.

Have you ever wondered who your perfect match would be from  Indian Matchmaking? The feisty Aparna, jolly Nadia, humorous Vyasar or artful Pradhyuman? To be honest, I think a mix of all of their strongest qualities would make for the ideal partner. While some may have come close, neither of the participants have what I would consider the perfect blend. Matchmaker Sima’s mantra is all about compromise and adjusting to find your suitable better half, however, that topic is debatable. Nevertheless, we can at least explore some of the factors that make our favourite, or least favourite participants stand out.

1. Aparna Shewakramani

The very first single to be featured on Indian Matchmaking is Houston based lawyer, Aparna. Her initial impression comes off as snobbish, and not very likeable. I recall not being a fan of her overly-judgmental demeanour. However, this perspective was quick to evolve and I now believe she is completely justified in having high expectations from her husband-to-be. My favourite trait about Aparna is her confidence. There is no messing with this girl, she knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to voice her opinions.

Well-educated and ambitious, Aparna hustles to live the life she does. Expecting the same intellectual competency from your partner is 100% okay. Sima didn’t necessarily see eye-to-eye on Aparna’s expectations and termed her as difficult and stubborn. But why mock a woman who has a list just like some men and their mothers who have over 100 requirements? Being vocal and confident about your wants is important. I love how it didn’t impact her when one of the dates didn’t choose to pursue her. A lesson for all girls out there, don’t settle for just anyone, be Aparna. More power to you girl!

2. Nadia Jagessar

A fan favourite, the extremely loveable Nadia stole our hearts. Her girl next door vibe and easy-going nature is her strong pursuit. Jersey-based wedding planner, Nadia’s criteria’s were very normal and relevant. The list had everything any of us girls would look for in a partner. All she wants is a good-hearted, loving person, not too much to ask for indeed! Her personality is extremely relatable and real to the core. In particular, the scene where she has a mini-breakdown about feeling lonely gave us the feels. We’ve all been there, done that.

While her expectations are relatively simple, the tag on Nadia of being Guyanese is perceived as an issue by Sima to find a suitable match. How can originating from a country that is not India be made to sound like a catastrophe? Regardless, Nadia owns her roots and brought smiles to the viewers with her friendly personality. I’m sure after watching Indian Matchmaking, all boys out there are crushing on her infectious smile, lush hair, and attractive features! Despite her second date ending on a bitter note, Nadia quickly bounces back, standing up for herself. Seeming like a fun companion to have, we hope Nadia finds a partner that is as radiant as she is.

3. Pradhyuman Maloo

Wealthy jeweller Pradhyuman caught our attention through his speculator house interiors and culinary skills. On paper, he makes for the perfect bachelor—handsome, wealthy, adventurous and ambitious, he ticks all the boxes. Much like Poo in Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Ghum, his top 3 requirements are good looks, good looks and good looks! As a result, picking out my favourite trait for Pradhyuman seemed like a bit of a task. If only his tech-savvy walk-in wardrobe was an acceptable answer. Special shoutout to his face plastered doorknob, what even is that about?

Jokes aside, I was quite impressed by his creativity. A rare trait to find in men, Pradhyuman seems invested in the meticulous craft of jewellery design. I was impressed by his hard-working conduct and ambitious drive. Additionally, it was refreshing to see a man cook and present food to the guests as opposed always seeing a woman or house help doing these tasks. The mouth-watering dishes and fanciful beverages prepared by him were remarkable, I’m still dreaming about that miso paneer! Pradhyuman might be arrogant and not the easiest guy to find a match for, however, kudos to his creative vision. At least his wife won’t have to worry about kitchen duty. Amidst the process of finding a partner, he should consider starting his own cooking channel.

4. Vyasar Ganesan

How could anyone not like Vyasar? This college counsellor is like a lovable BFG you want as your best friend. Unlike Pradhyuman, picking only one positive trait is difficult. However, his sense of humour and geekiness won me over. Despite his difficult past, he continues to radiate positivity and spread laughter to those around him. If Indian Matchmaking was a competition, everyone would be rooting for Vyasar’s happily ever after. For a change, even Sima couldn’t find a negative thing to say about this adorable soul. His awkward, comical timing when his date visits his home leaves you in a mix of giggles and nerves, hoping he comes through.

Moreover, Vyasar’s fondness for comic books, superheroes and dungeons and dragons makes you appreciate his inner child. His students’ fondness for him is apparent, making me wish I had a mentor just like him! The moment when Vyasar opens up about his dad’s jail sentence melted all our hearts. We hope he finds someone who understands him, gives justice to his sense of humour, and the love he deserves. A big bear hug going out to one of my favourites!

5. Ankita Bansal

The female singles featured in Indian Matchmaking are strong, focused and ambitious, which for a change is an accurate representation of women out there. Ankita Bansal, a clothing line entrepreneur from Mumbai, is boss lady goals. She inspires us with her motivation to grow her e-commerce brand (along with her love for dogs and pizza). Often shown in her workspace, we witness her in a natural boss element. For Sima, finding a partner for a determined girl is challenging as usual. As a result, we see her hook Ankita up with another matchmaker associate, Geeta. When Geeta advises a change in perception, we see Ankita stand ground and question the narrow-minded input.

She values her independence and self-growth more than the need to settle down with someone who doesn’t accept her nature. Moreover, she has her priorities set in place when she says she looks for equality in her future partner. Ankita teaches us that there is no rush for marriage and it is okay to find happiness through your work. Seeking fulfilment via a life partner is not the guaranteed road to happiness. The world could use more courageous girls like Ankita, who are ready to turn a blind eye to the bullies of our regressive society. Fun fact—Aparna and Ankita have very similar beliefs, and they actually connected after the show’s release and get on extremely well!

Who was your favourite character from the Netflix‘s Indian Matchmaking? Let us know in the comments below.

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