Scared Dog  By Aleksey Boyko |
Scared Dog By Aleksey Boyko |

Looking at fireworks with the love of your life sounds romantic, no? But it’s actually your pet’s worst nightmare! Cats have extra sensitive ears and fireworks are just a traumatic experience for them. And if you observe your dog’s or cat’s behaviour during fireworks, you’ll notice that they’ll try anything to escape the noise. A lot of times it ends up badly, either the dog runs away from the house or breaks through windows. And so, to avoid any mishaps, here’s how you can prep for your pets before and during fireworks.

1. Keep The Collars Updated

A lot of pets run away during fireworks out of fear and so it’s important for their collars to have your name and number for people to contact you when they find them. It’s just preparing yourself better for the worst!

2. Don’t Take Them Along

It might sound like a fun idea to enjoy the fireworks with your dog but trust me, it’s not! If the fireworks can scare them even when they’re inside the house, imagine how they’d feel seeing them up close.

Dog and cat together. Dog hugs a cat under the rug at home By Gladskikh Tatiana |
Dog and cat together. Dog hugs a cat under the rug at home By Gladskikh Tatiana |

3. Keep Them In Closed Spaces

Since pets tend to run away during fireworks and get scared, keeping them in closed spaces will help in two ways. Firstly, it will prevent them from running away and getting lost. And secondly, a closed and quiet room will help the firework’s noise muffle down. Even if you have pets who usually live outdoor, make an exception for them and keep them inside during the fireworks.

4. Take Them For A Walk

The best way to get your dogs ready for sleep is to tire them out, and what better way to do that than to take them on a walk. Do this before the fireworks start so they’re calmer, more relaxed, and sleepy during the fireworks.

Scared Dog |
Scared Dog |

5. Play Calming Music Or White Noise

Just like soothing music or white noise helps us calm down, it helps the animals in a similar way. And doing this will also help drown out the loud sound of the fireworks. Make sure all your doors and windows are shut too.

6. Use Treats As A Distraction

Treats are a great way to distract your pets from the fireworks, make sure you have them by you during such times.

Petting A Dog by Chendongshan |
Petting A Dog by Chendongshan |

7. Stay At Home With Them Instead

If you pet has a lot of anxiety during fireworks and having you by their side helps them calm down then maybe you could consider staying home with them rather than go out to watch the fireworks.

What are some other ways that you think work best during such times? Let us know in the comments below!

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