Food is more than something we just eat—it’s art! Imagine so many raw ingredients, vegetables and herbs come together to make something completely new and delicious. As we know, India is a country that’s thriving with culture, which means so many different varieties of cuisines are available for us to try. But often, you cannot get your hands on these mouth-watering dishes easily. However, you can always feast your eyes with some amazing pictures of different types of dishes that these talented food bloggers post. If you are all about exploring food and trying new dishes, you have to check out these Indian food bloggers right away!

Here they are:

1. Shivesh Bhatia

If you are all about desserts, Shivesh’s feed is where you should be! He is an avid food blogger and a self-taught baker who bakes the most delicious looking desserts we have ever seen! From pancakes to popsicles, his beautiful Instagram feed full of delicious sweet-treats will have you hooked to his profile in no time.

2. Saloni Kukreja

Saloni is a content creator who lived in Mumbai but is now pursuing her culinary journey in Vancouver and believes in travelling to new places to eat delicious food and gain new experiences. Moreover, she has her own blog page called ‘Food of Mumbai‘.

3. Mumbai Foodie

Mumbai Foodie is one of the most popular food blogs in the country. This page covers anything and everything related to food. From bar specials to top eateries, you will find it all! Moreover, they also post a lot of contests and polls on their page that successfully brings the foodies community together.

4. Rohit Haryani a.k.a @thehungrymumbaikar

If you want to know about the best restaurants and street food places in and around Mumbai, his blog will sort you out! It has the most delicious looking food and great restaurant recommendations. If ever you are confused about what eatery to try, just check out his profile for a plethora of options!

5. Food Talk India

This is not just a food blog, they are experienced event curators. Apart from bringing you all the fun details about restaurants, bars and eateries around Mumbai, they also create fun and engaging content on their feed. Moreover, they have a beautiful aesthetic Instagram page that will literally give you a foodgasm!

6. Ankiet Gulabani

We are sort of jealous of how amazing and mouth-watering all the food on his feed looks! Apart from being a master reviewer and food blogger Ankiet is also an excellent cook and a baker. We absolutely love how yummy looking his entire blog is.

7. Sarah Hussain a.k.a @zingyzest

Sarah’s blog is not just about food but also about how she travels to new places and explores new delicacies. Her work has been featured multiple times in various magazines because she brings real experiences and reviews straight to you. She also has her own youtube channel that you must surely check out!

8. Shubhra Paul a.k.a @gastronomicjournal

The @gastronomicjournal is the brain baby of Shubhra Paul,  who is strongly passionate about all things delicious! Her food journal aims to showcase cuisines from all around the world. From continental to authentic Indian, you will find all kinds of delicacies in her blog.

9. Bhukkhad By Birth

This popular blog is run by Udit Batra and he is a street food enthusiast. His blog is all about the most awesome street food places in Delhi and we can’t get over how yummy everything looks on his page. Who says you need a professional camera or photographers to run a successful blog? Udit shoots all his pictures with an iPhone and we love them!

By this point, we are certain that a stomach full of good food is the ultimate secret to a happy life! These creators are surely keeping our feed lively with their amazing food photography. Tell us about your fave dish in comments below!

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