If you’re a fashionista staying updated on the trends you would also be eagerly anticipating the new jewellery trends. Jewellery I feel is one of the easiest ways to transform your outfit and make it more interesting. Especially for our current work from home situation, accessories like earrings or bracelets can really spark some joy and make you look more put together with minimum effort. So while the season has slowly shifted to fall and we refresh our wardrobe it might be time to do the same with your jewellery.

The fall accessories trends range from elegant to glamorous to more gritty or edgy styled looks with designers take inspiration from a mix of decades like the ‘70s, ‘90s early 2000s and even the Victorian era. There was also no short of statement pieces in the collections that could spice up even the simplest of outfits. We even saw some classics as pearls return and chain styles remain strong. While runway trends can be overwhelming at first, these trends are pretty simple to master and might even justify splurging on select items that seem to be here to stay for a while. This season is all about not being afraid to layer pieces and experiment or make a statement with dramatic pieces.

1. Tubular

It’s about to get bigger and bolder this fall with tubular jewellery trend. The thicker and more rounded the jewellery the better. Seen on a variety of Fall/Winter runways including Balmain and Bottega, it was all about thinking big. So get ready for big earrings, necklaces and rings that look like a tube. If you’re more into the chain-link trend, go even chunkier with them or opt for heavy gold chokers. Make a statement and look chic with these accessories that could be the single piece you need to top off your overall look this season.

2. Charms

Did you ever have a charm bracelet as a kid? Well time to bring them back from storage as they’re back in style. But these aren’t just limited to your wrist anymore, we now see them as dangly charm necklaces and earrings too! While charms itself have been popular for a little while, these sentimental charms or symbols of luck and spirituality is still going strong. These nostalgic pieces were seen on Alexander McQueen, Dior and Zimmerman runways in necklaces, rings and bracelets. Whether it’s haphazard styles or a single necklace with multiple motif and pieces, designers keep making them and people keep wanting them. The great part about this trend that you can easily DIY your own item with meaningful charms or buy one that fits your vibe and keep adding new pieces to your charm story.

3. Starry Night

With the shift to fall, stars as a motif are coming to the forefront. These twinkling designs evoke a more magical, mystical feel in time. On accessories collections, they are slowly been seen on everything, earrings, brooches, pendants, rings you name it. It’s probably time to light up your outfits with these celestial shapes this coming season. Burberry also significantly showcased this style on the models in more blackened styles while other designers opted for more twinkling bright styles. The sky’s the limit to your variety of styles available to suit your aesthetic.

4. Piled-On Pearls

Fancy pearls have once again made a major comeback and why not, they’re a classic that don’t seem to be heading out anytime soon. For the upcoming season try layering them or teaming together different pearl styles and shapes. As seen on Chanel and Marc Jacobs runways it’s all about pilling on the pearls and pulling double duty. Now seen in a variety of silhouettes which include streamlined and sleek versions to more organic, rough and edgy modern styles. From classic necklaces to modern ear jackets, this feminine ladylike looks great with almost anything, from cocktail dresses to blazer co-rd sets. Time to fit this in with your Fall/Winter looks this year.

5. Statement Chokers

Choker styles seem to be evolving and shuffling around every season and for Fall’20 it is more bondage or goth-inspired. Moving away from delicate or dainty styles it’s all about making a statement and being edgy. Christian Siriano’s Fall/Winter collection had a very Harley Quinn inspired look with many outfits paired with grunge silver chains. While Anna Sui’s collection appeared with more punky-elegant versions. These more edgy or punk style pieces inspired from the late ‘90s are layered in silver rather than gold this time with chain-link, safety pins and paper clip elements. This is a great statement accessory that you can pair with your outfits to add some much-needed edge.

6. Mismatched Earrings

While mismatched earrings aren’t anything new we saw this accessory in more pronounced and creative styles on the runway models. Different shapes, sizes, colours, intentionally mismatched or going completely blank slate in one ear, no two was the same. Ulla Johnson’s Fall/Winter show styled these mismatched looks in unexpectedly fresh combinations. You can easily achieve this look by wither buy a pair as such or just mix two pairs of your own earrings. Not really your thing? Don’t worry! Keep things simple and cute and dip your toe into this trend with more subtle studs available like mismatched moon-star earrings.

What jewellery trend are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.

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