We are living in a digital era and there’s an abundance of amazing content creators online. However, there are always a few who manage to break through the clutter. We know of so many talented Indian creators whose content is extremely eye-catching and we love it when they get verified on social media platforms like Instagram. We are extremely proud of the creators who have managed to cross that milestone and now have a blue tick next to their names.

So, what is being ‘verified’, really?

While many people think of it as a novelty to have, it was initially designed to differentiate between celebrities and fan pages and if there were different accounts using the same name. The idea was to authenticate the profile of the original person. However, people choose to consider getting ‘blue ticked’ as a milestone, solely because this means that you have received a certain level of popularity and your content is unique.

So here’s a list of 7 creators who just got verified solely on the basis of their unique content and a loyal fanbase. Check them out right here!

Here they are:

1. Meghna Kaur a.k.a @shetroublemaker

Meghna is one of the most loved creators in the country and we have seen so many girls go gaga over her sense of style. She just got blue ticked on Instagram and we are so happy fo her! The kind of content she creates has always had that sense of uniqueness and we love that she is getting the kind of recognition she deserves.

2. Abhi and Niyu

Abhi and Niyu are travel bloggers and content creators who strongly believe in a sustainable lifestyle. They believe in practical patriotism and have come up with various videos on political and environmental topics. We absolutely love how they break down current political issues and explain it in a layman language for everyone to understand. We are so glad they got verified on Instagram and have a blue tick next to their name because they absolutely deserve it, don’t they?

3. Tanzeel Khan

Tanzeel is a part of the popular creator group DamnFam, which comprises of 11 talented creators. He recently got verified on Instagram and we couldn’t have been more proud! We are absolutely certain that the has a blue tick next to his name purely because of the kind of engaging content he creates. Moreover, it is always a delight to watch him collaborate with other creators in adorable music videos.

4. Riya Jain a.k.a @caughtinacuff

Riya is a widely popular fashion and lifestyle blogger with a following of more than 300k subscribers. Her content is all about practical fashion and great styling. Her account is now blue ticked on Instagram and we couldn’t have been happier for her! We love how she always strives towards putting her best foot forward.

5. Zaid Darbar

Zaid is not only an influencer but also a fantastic dancer, actor and content creator. We often see him posting engaging content and super cool dance videos. We are really happy that people recognised and appreciated his diverse range of content, which got him the verified tag on Instagram. His profile is a perfect example of ‘quality content matters’. The blue tick on his profile really sets him apart, doesn’t it?

6. Anam Darbar

Anam is one of the cutest content creators we know and got verified on Instagram last week! This news makes us really happy but it isn’t surprising at all. She is not only an amazing content creator but also a really talented dancer. Her videos will surely get you grooving in no time!

7. Faby

Faby’s makeup looks will surely blow your mind! She is famous for her quirky yet stylish creations. She got verified on Instagram and rightly so, we are sure no one wants to miss out on unique makeup tutorials!

We are really happy and proud of these talented creators and we’re sure you are too! Each of them has had their own journey and has worked supremely hard to reach where they are right now. Which creator do you hope gets verified next?

PS: If you’re a creator and think your profile is authentic and notable, you can go to your settings > account and request for verification as well!

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