Classic colour combinations like white and black or neutrals are timeless choices but if you’re anything like me, they get boring pretty quickly. But if your willing to get creative and make an effort you can actually create some incredible looks. Plus we’re living in an era of social media where it’s super easy to get inspiration from the designers, celebs or even your favourite Instagram fashionistas. Which is especially great if creating unique colour combinations isn’t something that comes naturally to you. TBH when it comes to using complementary, clashing colours, colour blocking or even pulling off colourful monochromatic looks, it can be confusing for a beginner. At the end of the day it all comes down to trial and error, so just dive in and don’t forget to practice.

This year I noticed that it was all about the bold, bright hues including candy and pastel shades that reigned supreme in spring and summer. While more neutral beige or bland shades continue to trend on the other end of the spectrum literally anything goes with many colour combinations. Fashion, as we often forget, is also about expressing yourself. So whether you love your neutrals, classics or bold colours don’t be afraid to express yourself and play around. But if you’re more open to wearing bold hues and looking for new ways to shake up your old wardrobe this year, try out some fun and unique colour combinations. Break out of the mould and you’ll never want to wear black and white again. So while everyone has their own personal taste, I’ve rounded up a few of my personal favourite colour pairings to get you started.

Keep scrolling to check out a rainbow of fun colour pairings for your outfit inspiration:

1. Candy Pink And Purple

Candy and sorbet colours really are on everyone’s Instagram feed this year and one of my personal favourites is the pink and purple combo—this was literally everywhere! The purple candy shade with the pink really keeps the outfit looking fresh, feminine yet vibrant and colourful. This colour combo works great together even with some people opting for subdued pink and purple hues. It’s a pairing definitely worth giving a shot before the years’ end.

2. Pink And Camel

Camel is a classic shade that looks great on all skin tones and gives that expensive touch to your looks. It’s a neutral shade that lends gravity to your outfits so pairing it with pieces in pink or bright fuchsia tones really adds more youthful energy to your look. Choose one pink piece and one key camel piece to build your outfit around. It’s a great choice during the fall where you can choose a camel blazer or jacket or even lightweight cardigan as your hero item.

3. Mint And Lilac

Different pastel shades of purple like lilac and lavender have been super popular this year. If you want to look fashion-forward it’s a great colour to have in your closet. Whether its accessories, shoes or clothing pieces it’s a must-have colour for the year. Decidedly fresh, this hue really plays well with others. Pair it with mint or pastel pistachio green and you have a winning combo this season. If you want to go the extra mile opt for a pastel coral shade for your shoes and accessories et voila you have an amazing colour palette to play around with.

4. Pink And Orange

No matter how you style it, pink and orange is an explosive combination. Its fun, bold and polished especially if you love colour blocking. It’s a great pairing that’s playful and gives a warm appearance overall. This colour story just exudes confidence and would work great in the fall season if you’re bored of the traditional autumnal colours. If vibrant colours aren’t your thing you can opt for a more subdued pink and orange hues when styling your look.

5. Cobalt Blue And Celery yellow

This combo is definitely bright and bold. Very eye-catching this combo looks great on all skin tones. You can also achieve a glamourous and tasteful look. While blue and yellow has always weirdly worked, for 2020 opt for a cobalt blue or navy shade and celery yellow pairing. Go for a solid blue to give a more rich looking saturation that catches your eye while the green-yellow celery piece gives a more crisp optimistic look, balancing and lightening up the heavy blue.

6. Yellow And Teal

Yellow and its pastel versions have been quite popular for the last few seasons but this year the paler shades were at the forefront. However, no matter the hue yellow and teal work great together. Pair your yellow item with deep shades of teal to blend warm and cool hues for a classic combo.

What are your favourite colour combinations this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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