Social media platforms today have become so dynamic, every day we wake up to a challenge or a viral trend. Amidst the lockdown, we saw multiple challenges and trends that took social media by a storm, and we are certain that you tried them out as well! August was a month that was full of quirky viral trends and multiple influencers jumped into that bandwagon to amplify it even further. So now that we are in the last week of August, here’s a viral round-up for the month. Check them out and try the ones you haven’t already!

Viral Challenges

1. Black and White picture challenge

The black and white picture challenge really gained momentum among women all over the world. The aim of this challenge was to empower women and show support for one another. All they had to do was write ‘challenge accepted‘ in their caption and tag other women in the post. There were multiple parallel reasons behind people taking up this challenge but we love how so many women took it up showing solidity in a positive spirit.

2. The 2020 challenge

The #2020challenge was started by Reese Witherspoon and it became a worldwide trend within hours! The challenge is super simple and it literally relates to how this whole year has been. Multiple creators and artists tried this challenge and the pictures were absolutely hilarious!

3. Flip the shoe challenge

This is the latest challenge that everyone is going gaga about! Online challenges which involve such cool transitions often go viral within minutes and ‘flip the shoe’ is one of them. Creators like Aanam C, Komal Pandey, Dolly Singh, Prajakta Koli and many more tried this challenge out and their videos are so stunning! The idea of this challenge is to show people your sassy side, so as soon as the shoe is flipped you are in your glam look.

Here’s everything that went viral this month

1. Binod

This trend doesn’t need any introduction because ‘Binod’ was literally the most used term in the month of August. It all started with an innocent ‘Binod’ comment on slayypoint’s video and that comment made social media go into a frenzy! Multiple creators started developing creative content around it and we saw various big brands come up with hilarious memes too. This word became so popular that if you STILL don’t know what ‘Binod’ is, you are surely living under a rock!

2. Kokilaben Rap Song

Yashraj Mukhate just converted a small dialogue from a popular daily soap ‘Saath Nibhana Saathiya‘ into a rap song and it blew up our social media platforms. As soon as ‘Kokila Ben Rap Song‘ came out, it went extremely viral and multiple celebrities liked it as well. It’s been 6 days since the track came out and we are seeing new memes on it every day! We can guarantee you that you will be hooked to the song in no time.

3. ‘When you accidentally type’ trend

In the past, you have definitely mistyped a random emoji while tapping on the laughing emoji and so have we! This trend was started to mock the accidental typo of emojis and we must say people got extremely creative with it. Many creators and netizens turned to Instagram and Twitter to share their version of this viral trend and it got us ROFLing. Here’s one tweet we love!

4. Shuffle Gang by Kings United India

Kings United India is a widely popular dance crew, internationally known as the Kings. They won the third season of the American Reality Show World of Dance and have wowed the internet again with their classic moves. The team recently took to Instagram and shared a video of their groovy routine and captioned it ‘Shuffle gang’. The dance was so soothing and eye-pleasing that it has garnered more than 7 lakh likes and 2000 comments already. it received an overwhelmingly positive response from creators, users and dancers. We aren’t even surprised that this video got viral so quickly!

So that was everything that blew up on social media this month, how many of these challenges have you done? We would love to know about them! If you think we have missed out on any viral trend, tell us in comments below.

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