You might recognize the bigger brands created by famed makeup artists like Francois Nars, Bobbi Brown or even Laura Mercier just to name a few. However, while these legendary makeup artists have created some amazing cult-classic cosmetics, you might be missing out or neglecting the new wave of modern MUA’s making their own mark in the beauty industry. Whether it’s the perfect lipstick, new formulas or even a sponge created out of necessity, these are the makeup artists who are filling in the voids of the market and bettering their artistry in the new era.

Who better to buy your makeup from than actual makeup artists who know what they’ve been doing and formulate products that truly work. Each MUA with their unique perspective and personal experience brings something new to the table. Some of you might have not even realized your favourite celeb makeup artist has their own makeup brand. Keeping up-to-date with the hottest trends, these artists release exciting new products formulas and items that speak to their signature style.  There’s something for everyone and we’re spoilt for choice from these professionals who’ve still got their head in the game. We’ve rounded up a few of the best brands created by professional makeup artists that you can’t overlook. These are the brands you need to know about and stock up on.

Keep reading to check out the MUA’s with fabulous beauty lines you need to know about:

1. Pat McGrath

Known as the backstage queen of fashion shows Pat Mcgrath took the beauty world by storm in 2015 when she launched her cosmetics line called PatMcGraths Labs. One of the most celebrated and influential makeup artists in the world McGrath as done it all, including working heavily on all the fashion weeks every year. She has worked with a ton of celebrities and top models throughout the years including consulting and creating products for big-name brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Dior and Gucci. In the process, she has created some truly iconic looks season after season. McGrath’s personal experience growing up mixing her own pigments and creating makeup has greatly influenced her own cosmetic line. You’ll find it filled with dramatic colours and strong pigments that suit a range of skin tones that works for everyone.

She’s always up to date with the hottest makeup trends and with new launches and while she continues to buff up her makeup range with new products and formulas, at the heart and most popular are the statement lipsticks and colour rich palettes. Not to mention her gorgeous luxury packaging.

2. Scott Barnes

Barnes is a makeup legend in the industry who has also worked with many celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Beyonce. But he’s most famous for creating some of Jennifer Lopez’s most iconic looks. Not to mention he has been J.Lo’s go-to makeup guy for over a decade. With so many years under his belt, you name it he’s done it. Barnes has worked on countless magazine covers, red-carpets, runways and even music videos. What has he not done? He’s even created his own luxury makeup line called Scott Barnes Beauty. While he’s had the line for a few years with some amazing brushes and his OG famous body bling, recently the brand has been releasing new products to the line. Some of his more recent releases include eyeshadow and face palettes plus new lip products.

Growing the core components in his line, Barnes has created the type of products he likes to use on his clients. The multi-pan face and eyeshadow palettes look to be a makeup fanatics or artists dream. So if you’re looking to achieve that J.Lo glow look no further than the master himself.

3. Patrick Ta

One of the youngest MUA’s on our list, Patrick Ta has made a name for himself in Hollywood in recent years. He’s the go-to makeup artist for many high profile models, celebrities and even big-time influencers. Patrick’s also the artist behind some of Shay Mitchells and Gigi Hadid‘s stunning makeup looks. He has an amazing ability to create a natural yet sultry glow that everyone wants to emulate. As his fan base grew it only made sense for him to create his own beauty line which finally launched in April 2019. Initially, Patrick Ta Beauty came out with highlighting focused products for the face and body. Since then he has slowly rolled out blushes, lip liners and lipsticks. He continues to add to his range with new brighter colours and new formulas that look so stunning that we’re just itching to get our hands on them.

4. Charlotte Tilbury

With the global success of her makeup line, you might have already heard of Charlotte Tilbury. One of the bigger names in makeup to come out of the UK aside from PatMcgrath, Charlotte Tilbury first launched her line in 2013. Since then it has only gone from strength to strength with her launching stand-alone stores in new cities all over the world. Makeup artist to the stars, like the other MUA’s on the list she still continues to works on many famous celebrities and supermodels like Amal Clooney, Salma Hayek, Kim Kardashian-West to Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman the list goes on. She’s also fondly named some of her lipsticks after her famous friends. Tilbury has become one of the most sought after makeup artists in the industry and does bombshell beauty like no other.

Always on the go and a fixture behind fashion shows, magazine shoots and red carpets with her hands in multiple pies she still finds time to create products that have become cult favourites among the beauty community. Her range now even boasts of some amazing skincare products. Try her iconic pillow talk lipstick or airbrushed flawless finishing powder to start with and trust me you won’t be disappointed.

5. Rea Ann Silva

Many people not well versed in the world of beauty might not instantly recognize the name but have very likely used her product or least heard of it. Any guesses? It’s the Beauty Blender! The story goes, Rea Ann Silva, a working makeup artist was fed up of using disposable sponges and wasting money on them. So she decided to create one to best fit her needs and the Beauty Blender was invented. The iconic sponge came out in 2003 and was in every professional’s makeup kit before it gained popularity within the masses. One of the biggest advancements in recent history, this sponge changed our lives. Recently Silva has expanded her line to include some fantastic makeup products that include a huge range of foundation shades, concealers and primers.

So if you haven’t already picked up the classic Beauty Blender sponge, now’s the time, you can’t go wrong with this cult classic. While you’re at it I highly recommend the cleanser too, it does a great job disinfecting your sponge and other makeup brushes.

6. Wayne Goss

Wayne Goss was one of the first professional makeup artists to become a beauty influencer when he launched his YouTube Channel in 2009. He gained a lot of popularity due to his expert makeup tips and frank nature. When he first started his beauty brand he began with a collection of cruelty-free brushes handcrafted in Japan. They have become a popular choice among makeup lovers around the world for its amazing quality and function. This year he finally ventured into makeup releasing lip products, eye pencils and a Luxury Eye Palette— with huge pan sizes BTW. Goss’s main goal with the makeup line is creating products that look good on everybody including older women. It’s all about enhancing the natural beauty of your face rather than covering it up.

Have you tried any products from these makeup artists cosmetic lines? Let me know in the comments below.

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