Every time I hear a real-life stalker story, it gives me the creeps. But weirdly enough, I am quite obsessed with watching such movies. Movies that make me question people around me, their intentions. They keep your eyes and attention trapped to the screen. And lately, I’ve been watching a lot of stalker movies. Honestly, it has been a great month of binge-watching these movies and I picked out the 7 best ones. These movies stood out and made me feel extremely uncomfortable, and that’s a good sign if it’s a stalker movie. And so, if you’re also into such weird guilty pleasures like me, then scroll down to check out the list.

1. The Girl On The Train

I watched this film as soon as it hit the theatres and boy was I creeped out! Emily Blunt‘s performance in this one is outstanding. This movie is about Rachel, who is a divorcee and obsessively idealises her ex-husband’s neighbours Megan and Scott. The neighbours are a married couple and things go down when Megan goes missing and Rachel is dragged into the investigation.

2. Cape Fear

The stalker in this movie is Max, a rape and assault convict, who just served a 14-year prison sentence. When he is released, he starts stalking his defence lawyer Sam and his family in order to seek revenge for concealing evidence that was in Max’s favour during the trial. This one has some chilling scenes that will give you goosebumps.

3. Fatal Attraction

A lot of stalker movies have the storyline of an affair gone wrong, but this one is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. A 1987 film, Fatal Attraction is about a married lawyer Dan who gets into an extra-marital affair with Alex, his colleague. But then, she gets obsessed with him and tries some real nasty ways to sabotage his marriage. You have to watch this one!

4. The Gift

Meeting old acquaintances doesn’t always end up like a happy reunion movie and that’s what happens in this movie. Simon and Robyn are a married couple who run into an old acquaintance of theirs, Gordo. It’s all going well until Gordo starts being weird and dropping in unannounced at their house. He starts inundating them with mysterious gifts and you already know this is gonna end up bad.

5. One Hour Photo

You know a movie is good if there’s Robin Williams in it, and in this film, he plays a hella creepy stalker. Robin plays the role of Seymour who works at a department store developing photos. He’s a lonely person and soon he starts getting obsessed with a family who are his regular customers.

6. Darr

It’s all fun and games until you realise you’ve been singing a stalker song without even paying attention to the lyrics that much. I mean, “Tu haan kar, ya na kar, tu hai meri Kiran” sounds pretty stalkerish to me now than it did when I was a kid. Darr is one of the best stalker movies of Bollywood and it actually made me feel super scared of Shahrukh Khan for a long time! Shahrukh plays the role of Rahul, an obsessive stalker of Kiran. Things go south when Kiran gets engaged to a navy office, Sunil and Rahul tries to forcefully claim her for himself.

Are there any other must-watch stalker films that you’ve loved? Then do let us know in the comments about them!

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