In today’s digital world, social media is profoundly responsible for promoting unrealistic beauty standards. This has overall led to a decline in body confidence and self-esteem. We often see multiple men and women talking to platforms like Instagram and trying to accomplish outrageous beauty standards, which in turn becomes self-destructive. However, among dark clouds, there’s always a silver lining! Multiple influencers are trying to make a positive change on digital mediums by encouraging self-love and body positivity. If you are ever feeling self-conscious, go and check out these wonderful creators right now. Surely they will spruce up your confidence again!

Here they are:

1. Kusha Kapila

Kusha has always managed to keep it real with her audience. She has always been open about her issues and how it’s normal to experience acne, pimples etc. Moreover, We love how she spoke so candidly about PCOD and her struggle with self-esteem. So let this post be a reminder to everyone out there that it’s frustrating to match up to unreasonable beauty standards so please go easy on yourself!

2. Sakshi Sindwani

“Social media is becoming too pretty again, let’s make it real”, YAS QUEEN, what an accurate thing to say! Sakshi is a popular body-positive model and an avid influencer. She strongly believes in accepting yourself with pride and breaking societal stereotypes.

3.  Komal Pandey

Hate comments and unsolicited opinions are something that’s rampant on social media. In a time like this, we love how Komal addressed the topic of body-shaming on a talk show with Shraddha Gurung a.k.a @lilmissgurung. Its is NOT okay to call someone ‘fat’ or ‘skinny’ casually when they didn’t ask for your opinion.  Let’s try and work towards making social media platforms a more accepting place, amirite?

4. Dolly Singh

Dolly is one creator and influencer who has always tried to encourage self-acceptance and love. While society has so many opinions about how we look, weigh and dress, it is vital to grow above it and love yourself. Come back to this post whenever you feel like you need to amp up your confidence!

5. Neelakshi a.k.a Plump To Pretty

Neelakshi is one of the most popular body-positive influencers we know of! We are absolutely in awe of the kind of positive content she creates. Her story has been truly inspirational and you will always find her talking about body-image issues, acceptance and how being confident in yourself is so important.

6. Tanesha Awasthi

Tanesha has been actively proving to everyone that style has no size! She always puts her confidence first and proudly owns her curves. Her content puts out a strong message for everyone who is insecure about themselves and we love her for that. Moreover, her fashion sense is so classy and chic, we can literally scroll through her feed for hours!

7. Aashna Bhagwani

Aashna is a strong believer of the fact that beauty comes in all sizes and we completely agree! She is a content creator who often talks about body-image problems among the youth and much more. We aspire to be as confident and real on social media platforms as she is!

8. Neha Parulkar

Apart from being an avid body-positive influencer, Neha is also a TEDx speaker. She is a plus-size model and extremely proud of it. We love how her posts her so motivating and appealing to the eye. Moreover, she believes that nobody is perfect, so she strongly encourages candid behaviour on social media.

9. Vishakha Bhaskar

Vishakha is more than just body-positivity ninja, she is also the co-founder of her own clothing label Angrakhaa, isn’t that amazing? She is all about loving herself and being confident in whatever she wears. Her perspective on fashion is so inspiring!

Here’s everyone who has managed to build our confidence and have helped us love ourselves a little more. We want all of you to start accepting your true self and encouraging more body positivity on social media platforms.

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