Influencers are starting to create a major buzz on the internet these days. People are taking to social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram to create content and showcase their talent. As the quality of content improves, the fan followings of these individuals make them huge stars. Since a lot of it depends on the internet, there are no boundaries as to who can venture into social media. What’s interesting to see is people as young as 13 years of age, having the confidence and talent to create top-notch content. Young creators are putting forth their work and beginning to create a solid future for themselves early on. It is extremely inspiring to see these young influencers who are simply bursting with talent.

Here are our favourite young creators:

1. Ayaan Zubair

About a month ago, Ayaan celebrated his 13th birthday with his family. Ayaan is an adorable creator who puts out some amazing content on Instagram that is handled by his father. His acting talents shine through in all his videos and it’s difficult to believe that he’s that young. Brother to the popular creator, Jannat Zubair, it seems like talent runs in his blood!

2. Ronit Ashra

Netizens have been going crazy about Ronit’s spot-on impressions of various Bollywood stars. He is most well known for his insanely accurate impressions of Bollywood’s rising star, Ananya Panday. Ananya herself has spoken about his amazing content. The 16-year-old started off his journey on TikTok but the ban had nothing on him! He has taken Instagram by a storm with his entertaining content and unmatched talent!

3. Aayu and Pihu

Aayu and Pihu are a brother-sister duo who have their own YouTube channel with their parents, called “Aayu and Pihu Show“. On the channel, they create some amazing content including games, short movies, family comedy, learning activities, and challenges. With nearly 9 million subscribers on their channel, they have a massive fan following for their insane talent and content. The two of them are very entertaining and simply make an adorable duo!

4. Ishanvi Hegde

Ishanvi is undoubtedly the most adorable dancer you will ever have the pleasure of watching. The 5-year-old performs various choreographies with her talented mother. The mother-daughter duo is extremely cute but it is unbelievable how much talent resides in this little girl. Ishanvi is just the definition of “chota packet bada dhamaka“! Do check out her amazing videos on YouTube.

5. Samreen Ali

Samreen is a bubbly teenager who creates some hilarious content. She puts up vlogs, challenges, and a bunch of sketches that are super entertaining. With over 76k followers on Instagram, the 16-year-old has a huge fandom called ‘SamSquad’. At such a young age, Samreen has gained massive popularity and she has her talent and sunny personality to thank for it.

6. Anantya Anand

Anantya a.k.a. MyMissAnand is the most lively little creator out there! Her Instagram feed is as colourful as her personality and has some wonderful content. With over 8.7 million subscribers on YouTube, Anantya has extremely exciting content that covers funny and relatable sketches, challenges, and much more!

7. Shivansh Kotia

Shivansh first gained recognition and popularity when he starred in the popular Indian soap, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, for his amazing acting skills. But that’s not all! He and his sister, Navika Kotia have their own YouTube channel, on which they create extremely fun and entertaining content.

8. Aarav

Aarav is an adorable 13-year-old creator. His content is really funny and relevant. Aarav takes part in various trending challenges that make sure that you never get bored! With an amazing sense of humour, Aarav manages to keep his content entertaining and exciting. It is amazing how much he has achieved so early on in life!

9. Abhishek Sharrma

Abhishek is also an actor but it is his content that has us completely hooked. He has some amazing moves and is extremely light on his feet, making it a pleasure to watch him dance. He has a unique style of his own and has managed to create a lot of buzz on social media. When it comes to being in front of the camera, we wonder if there’s anything he can’t do!

These young creators are exponentially talented and are not afraid to show it to the world. It is so inspiring to see them creating such a strong path towards a future that will surely be filled with success and happiness. Each creator is unique and has immense content and entertainment to offer.

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