Pankaj Tripathi has, in all these years in the industry, risen to become a noteworthy and revered figure in his own right. From his iconic roles in Sacred Games and Mirzapur to his heartwarming performance in the recent Netflix film, Gunjan Saxena, he has earned a permanent spot in the hearts of people. But, like with everyone else, he has also had his share of struggles.

The unfortunate death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput a few months ago has stirred up the nepotism debate in the industry yet again. Speaking to Times Of India about it, Pankaj Ji said that he has never been bothered by nepotism, and has only concentrated on working on his craft. He states that he has never felt unwelcome or uncomfortable in the industry. But not without his own struggles, right? He says that he worked hard to bag each one of his roles and that it took him 8 years to earn the recognition that he has now.

But it’s not that he is completely denying its existence. He says that it is easier for star kids to get opportunities because they belong to a certain family.

He also tells the publication:

I never got opportunities so easily. However, nobody stopped me too.

He ends by saying that at the end of the day, no matter how long or short one’s struggle is, one can survive in the industry only through talent. He adds that the audiences today are also very smart and that they know who is talented and not.

Pankaj Ji is all set to star in the upcoming series, Mirzapur 2 and I absolutely cannot wait to see him on it!