Influencers and content creators explore different fields and usually narrow down to their niche for their content. Each content creator is known for something they are best at or have an immense passion for. Content, especially with the ease of social media and the internet, is not limited to anything and has no barriers. The culinary industry is just as much a part of the content creation era as any other. Chefs, food critics and food enthusiasts, all take to the internet to put out content relating to food. Content creators who are chefs have a different kind of use of social media than other creators. By putting out recipes, cooking videos and so much more, these chefs give you a chance to learn from them as professionals. The same way, they promote their own businesses, giving us a chance in turn to try their delicious food.

Here are some of our favourite chefs who are also content creators!

1. Pooja Dhingra

Pooja is an extremely well-known pastry chef who in fact founded the popular, ‘Le15 Patisserie‘, India’s first macaron cafe. Her content and food will immediately transport you to the streets of Paris and give you a flavour of France. As an entrepreneur and chef, Pooja has immense knowledge of the culinary world to offer.

2. Sanjeev Kapoor

Sanjeev Kapoor is undoubtedly the most celebrated chef in India. He runs his own food channel, gives Indian cuisine a new identity and set great standards for it with his dishes. On his website and social media, Sanjeev puts up some amazing recipes, tutorials, and tips and tricks that will make an amateur chef out of you in no time!

3. Ranveer Brar

Ranveer is an amazing celebrity chef with some really exciting content to offer. Not just this, he has previously also been a judge at MasterChef India. He is also a food stylist, and so every dish he makes simply looks like a work of art. Ranveer’s content is super fun to watch and will motivate you to go to your kitchen and get cooking!

4. Saransh Goila

Saransh is an extremely well-known chef who is known for his righteous and world-famous Butter Chicken. His social media pages, especially Instagram, are filled with mouthwatering recipes, tips and tricks to make cooking easy, reviews on kitchen tools and must-haves, and lots more! He has also founded ‘Goila Butter Chicken’, giving us the chance to try out all these recipes. Don’t forget to check it out!

5. Vineet Bhatia

Vineet Bhatia is a highly acclaimed, Michelin Starred Chef. He has featured in various television shows and has some incredible culinary knowledge to offer. He has his own restaurants in London, Geneva, Dubai, Middle East, and India. Vineet has a knack of making every single dish of his look absolutely gorgeous and we simply love all of his content.

6. Shivesh Bhatia

Shivesh is an amazing self-taught baker, whose love for baking is rather fascinating. His recipes are simple, unique, and definitely scrumptious. From milkshakes to waffles, if you are all about desserts, Shivesh’s feed is your one-stop solution! It will undoubtedly leave you salivating!

7. Vicky Ratnani

Vicky Ratnani, one of India’s best-known chefs, takes you around the world with his content on delicious recipes. His passion for cooking led him to start his very own food show called ‘Vicky’s Kitchen’. The show is all about unique flavours and gourmet recipes. He loves to share his unmatched knowledge of food, giving all of us a chance to wake the chefs within us!

8. Meghna Kamdar

Meghna has an extremely interesting backstory. She started off her career as a banker and later moved on to embrace her love for baking. Ever since she made this change, she has been able to spend every day of her life doing what she loves. Her content is absolutely amazing and her sunny personality allows her to engage well with her audience. Her recipes and tutorials are super helpful in making complex dishes seem like an absolute cakewalk!

9. Yaman Agarwal

With nearly 5M followers on her Facebook page, Yaman’s page is called ‘Cooking shooking‘. We absolutely love the content of this page because each recipe is explained in a very detailed and simplified manner. The enthusiasm for cooking is unbelievably inspiring, making it a joy to watch this content.

10. Pankaj Bhadouria

Pankaj is an absolute star when it comes to this field. She won the title of India’s first MasterChef. She had her very own shows on Indian television and has also started putting out her own content on social media. Not just this, she is also an author. She has written various cookery books and has unending knowledge about the culinary world.

11. Nisha Madhulika

Nisha is a major foodie like all of us and makes some delicious vegetarian Indian foods. She is kind enough to share these recipes with us that are extremely easy to replicate and a joy to eat. Her YouTube fam is of over 10 million people and her content is super exciting and informative.

12. Vinesh Johny

Vinesh is a renowned chef who has been featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia as well as CNN 20 under 40. He even has his own cafe and puts out incredible content on his social media. He is essentially a pastry chef and so all his videos and recipes are basically heavenly for all those with a sweet tooth. His work will leave you craving dessert like never before. What will really baffle you, is how simple he makes the recipes of all his complex looking desserts sound!

13. Madhura

Madhura uses her platform to share all her favourite recipes that can be followed by any of us sitting at home. She is extremely passionate about her work and specializes in Indian cuisines. She has channels on YouTube in Hindi, as well as Marathi, and creates content around a large variety of foods. Check out all her work on YouTube!

14. Kabita Singh

With nearly 9 million subscribers on YouTube, Kabita focuses on creating content about recipes that are simple to recreate and can be prepared with easily available ingredients. Even though her channel, ‘Kabita’s Kitchen‘, focuses largely on Indian cuisine, she does explore other cuisines as well. She has even taken India’s staple, Maggi, and created unique recipes with it for everyone to try!

15. Archana Doshi

With over 10k recipes on her page, ‘Archana’s Kitchen‘, Archana explores her love for cooking by creating some amazing content for us to enjoy. Her page is filled with colour and bursting with flavours. She puts out recipes for chaats and we’d be lying if we say we don’t miss eating street food! Her page is the perfect place to meet these cravings and make the food you crave for yourself with ease.

16. Shilpi Agarwal

Shilpi Agarwal is another successful food vlogger whose content is all about simple homestyle cooking with the twist of flavours. She shares Indian vegetarian dishes recipes with all her followers on her YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram channel, ‘Food And Flavour‘. She absolutely loves being experimental with her cooking and has become a sensation amongst all young, aspiring chefs.

17. Vijay Haldiya

Vijay’s Instagram page, ‘Zayka Ka Tadka‘ is an incredibly unique concept when it comes to content creation around food. This page just shows that when passion meets cooking, magic is created! This is a digital content platform to share cooking tricks. This mother-daughter duo has won the hearts of millions on their Facebook and YouTube channels, their recipes have helped so many others become chefs at home. The idea of sharing and learning dishes together is just so amazing.

18. Rinkel Arora

Rinkel is the queen of quick and simple vegetarian dishes. The food she makes is super healthy but ironically, a favourite amongst kids! She has a massive number of tutorials and recipes on her page, ‘Dine Delicious‘, and ensures that she lives up to its name. Her food looks beyond yummy so don’t forget to check out her work on YouTube.

19. Rekha Kakkar

Rekha’s page, My Tasty Curry is filled with recipes and tutorials and has the most beautiful aesthetic. Rekha loves playing with flavour combinations when it comes to cooking, and is also into photography and writing! She is holistically all about food and has been featured in various popular magazines for her amazing work. She has even got an insane variety of recipes for beverages that you just cannot miss!

All this really has us craving some delicious meals and we just can’t wait to try all the insane recipes that these amazing creators have put out. Each creator is unique and has so much to offer. We can only imagine how delicious these flavours would taste in reality, given that their pictures themselves are mouthwatering!

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