Ever since we’ve been in quarantine and work-from-home has been the new reality, our traditional office attire has taken a backseat to more leisure and loungewear pieces. Even professional zoom meetings have now become more laidback. However, with quarantine in effect, a few trends became supremely popular this year, namely the tie-dye trend. Either buying tie-dye pieces or experimenting and taking the DIY route, everyone’s going gaga over tie-dye. It was all over the internet and one just couldn’t avoid its instant surge in popularity. I mean did you even quarantine if you didn’t wear tie-dye sweats?

While these psychedelic prints in a variety of shades and rainbow colours gave us the comfort and vibrancy we so needed, it’s beginning to get a bit oversaturated and dull. So while I was doing some research on fall fashion trends, it hit me that loungewear and sweatpants aren’t going away anytime soon. Since we’re stuck at home, I felt it was time to look up some new loungewear options and trends that will keep you looking cute and cosy in the next few months. Silhouettes will vary and that’s all up to your personal taste but these styles will definitely keep you comfortable and looking fly.

Keep scrolling to view some alternative loungewear styles if you have tie-dye fatigue:

1. Colour Blocking

If you’re bored of the rainbow swirly splattered patterns but want to keep things colourful, this is a perfect choice. Try colour blocking your sweatpants for a high-impact vibrant look. While you can’t go wrong with monochrome or classic neutrals shades that are always chic, colour blocking your loungewear instantly makes you look cool and trendy. The best bit about this fun trend is that you aren’t restricted by anything. Try some candy-coloured or pastel variations or even bold hues, each pairing will give you a whole different vibe altogether. Play around and mismatch your existing sets by pairing different tops and bottoms. Break out of the mould and try out some fun and unique colour combinations that are Instagram worthy and you’ll be the envy of all your friends around.

2. Ribbed Knit Sets

Ribbed knits have been trending all through 2020 since early spring season and are making their way into fall as well. From cardigans to dresses to loungewear just to name a few, this ribbed style is everywhere. The textured fabric has some weight to it that allows it to fall well and is so comfortable that you might not even want to take it off. It’s a style that looks and feels plush whilst keeping you cosy. Opt for shades like camel, tan or cream for a more chic, sophisticated vibe that looks great even when you step out for grocery run or shades like lilac, pastel blue, mint green that are more on-trend and give a more youthful look.

3. Fuzzy Sets

Perfect for cool fall and winter, these extremely fuzzy style pyjamas and loungewear robes are the way to go. They look lush and expensive but most important of all, they’re snuggly and cuddle worthy. Whether it’s flowy pants, shorts or even bralette styles, this style looks super-chic. They will keep you warm, cosy and make you want to hug yourself because of the softness. So get that set with a matching robe and kick up your feet as you binge watch your favourite Netflix show while feeling like a cute teddy bear.

4. Cartoon Graphics

Graphic prints are always fun especially if you want to switch things up from muted items. Cartoon character graphics are always a great way to showcase our personality to be a little playful and nostalgic at the same time. Don’t be fooled, these cartoon prints aren’t just for kids anymore. As adults, a lot of us enjoy wearing a piece that reminds us of our childhood and that we’re still big fans of. Whether it’s Disney, Cartoon Network or your favourite anime characters, it brings us lot of joy. Even big fashion houses like Gucci, Mui Mui and Coach, just to name a few have picked up on this trend  in recent years. With many of them collaborating with Disney and other franchises to create amazing collections that always sell out.

We’ve even seen high street brands like H&M and Zara release numerable collections in the same fashion with popular cartoon characters in affordable versions. So we’re spoilt for choice. At the end of the day whether its Mickey Mouse or The PowerPuff Girls, proudly represent your favourite characters while saying cute and comfy at home.

What is your favourite alternative to tie-dye? Let us know in the comments below.

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