Truth be told, I’ve always thought of my mental space and mind as being cool, calm and collected. Little did I know, or ever imagined that this “zen” version would be completely thrown off the minute we went into lockdown. Now I’m not saying lockdown is all that bad—for a certain few, it’s a much need slow pace of life and a much-needed break from the constant travel and hustle. For others, like myself, who work in the social media and digital entertainment space, it gets a lot… Like a lot, a lot!

So while there’s no changing what’s out of our control or predict when our next vacation or “break” will be, we need to consciously safeguard and nourish our minds—and IMHO, the best way to do that is by taking care of our aura and energy. Scroll down below I’m sharing 5 ways I’ve regained my “chi” or centre, for my mental well-being and sanity, and hopefully, you can too!

1. The ‘No Phones Allowed’ Rule

While this one’s hard, (very very hard for some like myself whose work is around SM), I’ve tried to start and end my day by doing something else, other than looking at my phone. I noticed that my screen time got so much, that I started getting dry eyes and a thumb sprain from all the scrolling… Setting a boundary when (in this case, morning and night) helps you regain a little calm and peace of mind.

2. De-clutter

… Your mind, your closet and the spaces around you. I try my best to do a weekly sweep of all the PR package clutter, clothes pile and even the accounts that I follow on social media. I’ve slowly found myself weaning off and unfollowing accounts that no longer are in attune with my vibration or mind space—because why should an account affect or doubt my life, progress or make me think negatively about where I am today?

3. Practice Guided Meditation

Now, this is kind of subjective but I find listening to podcasts or a guide as a great way to fall asleep. There’s a certain sense of peace one gets when they close their eyes, sit in a quiet room and try and either focus on their breathing or what the mediation and voice suggests. Try it, you might even fall asleep faster and better!

4. Make Use Of Apps

Keeping track of your physical health via the use of apps on your phone is a great way to also keep your sanity in check. I use the Healthy app on my iPhone that’s inbuilt—it helps me be on point with my physical activity (the number of steps I take in the day), my sleep patterns, period cycle along with other data that’s pretty useful.

5. Set Boundaries

Here’s something we all need to be—greedy with our time. I can not stress on this enough but you need to prioritise yourself and your mental space. There’s only so much we can plan and accomplish during the day. So set boundaries, with work, family and whoever else. I’ve learnt to be picky with how I’ve been spending my free hours… Which means that if it’s the weekend, I.Will.Not.Answer.Emails.Or.Work.Calls… Say it with me girls!

How do you find peace these days? Let me know in the comments below.

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