We love the variety of content we are presented with but it’s safe to say that comedy is everyone’s favourite! Everyone enjoys watching it and looks forward to at the end of a tiring day. Moreover, the Indian youth is getting more and more attracted to comic content in the last few years. With social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube gaining momentum a whole host of talented comedians and content creators have emerged. We absolutely love watching them because of their unmatched humour and great audience connect. So if you are looking to get your daily dose of laughter, you have to check out these awesome comedians on social media!

Here they are:

1. Rohan Joshi

We absolutely love watching any content he creates because it is so timely and humorous! You must have often seen him create hilarious content with his colleagues or even A-list celebrities. He has been featured by multiple publications and you will also see him creating top-notch content on Amazon Prime Video.

2. Tanmay Bhat

Tanmay is someone who needs no introduction because everyone knows him for his amazing sense of humour and witty content. In this lockdown period, Tanmay has been creating some hilarious content on his YouTube and Instagram and we are literally hooked to it. Moreover, this video cracks us up every time we see it!

3. Abish Mathew

Abish is one of the most talented and popular stand-up comedians in the industry! Apart from creating unique sketches and funny enactments, he is famous for his show called ‘Son of Abish‘ where he calls multiple creators and celebs for fun interview and games. If you are looking for something to binge on, his show is your one-stop destination.

4. Vir Das

Vir Das has been a pioneer in the comedy industry! He came and gave comedy a raw, edgy and youthful twist, which is exactly what it needed. He chooses to speak about a wide range of topics, ranging from politics to movies and all his acts are extremely relatable. We are personally big fans of his quick wit and charisma!

5. East India Comedy

This group of comedians will make you laugh as nobody else can! Sahil Shah, Sapan Verma and Sorabh Pant put together multiple comic acts that will literally have you in splits. Their famous show ‘EIC vs Bollywood‘ gained huge popularity because of how smart and funny it was. Although now, they are creating content individually as well, they often get-together for fun chat shows and discussions.

6. Kanan Gill

Kanan has an unbeatable sense of humour! During his initial stand-up comedy days, he contributed greatly to a show called ‘The Living Room‘ on Comedy Central. He was also a part of this popular series on YouTube called ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews‘. He has received immense love from the audience for his relatable and funny content. His Netflix special ‘Yours Sincerely‘ is out now and we can’t stop watching it!

7. Biswa Kalyan Rath

Apart from his unmatched humour, Biswa gained popularity for his famous show on YouTube called ‘Pretentious Movie Reviews’, which also featured Kanan Gill. He has done multiple individual shows and has also made appearances in various AIB videos. Moreover, you will also see him in Amazon Prime Video’s Comicstaan. He has received immense love from his fans worldwide and you will catch him doing shows globally.

8. Kenneth Sabastian

Kenneth is not just a talented comedian but also a filmmaker and musician! He has created multiple comedy specials and has toured the world doing stand-up comedy. His series called ‘Chai Time With Kenny‘ got super popular and we surely enjoyed watching him discuss everyday topics over a cup of chai. You will often see him collaborating with comedians like Kanan Gill and creating hilarious content together

9. Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan is one of the most talented and respected comedians in the industry and has a huge fan following. He currently has more than 5.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and 1.7 million followers on Instagram. He has his own show on Amazon Prime called ‘Haq Se Single‘ and has also featured with various other creators. We love the kind of language he uses during his shows and how he keeps his discussions light and funny.

10. Sumukhi Suresh

Sumukhi is a famous comedian, writer and actor who has the ability to make you laugh in any given situation. She creates hilarious content on her YouTube channel and also has her own comedy show called ‘Pushpavalli‘. We personally love all her live performances and humorous sketches. They are so accurate, aren’t they?

11. Atul Khatri

Atul Khatri is one of the topmost comedians in our country. He was initially a part of the East India Company, however, he left it later to focus on his individual career. Apart from conducting live shows, Atul has featured in various commercials as well. His YouTube channel currently has more than 310k subscribers and that is so amazing! However, we are big fans of his ‘Only Positive News‘ series on his channel.

12. Varun Thakur

Varun Thakur is a popular name in the field of comedians and we especially love him for his famous character sketch. He frequently uploads videos playing ‘Vicky Malhotra‘, who is a struggling actor from Mumbai. The best part? Vicky’s character has a unique accent and it’s hilarious. Moreover, you will also see him collaborating with other creators on his Instagram. We still can’t stop binging over his web-series ‘Shaitaan Haveli’!

13. José Covaco a.k.a Hoezaay

Hoezaay is a popular comedian and Youtuber who became a household name in the field of comedy through his social media platforms. We love how his content is light, funny and relatable. Moreover, he also creates a lot of funny videos with his daughter and its straight-up adorable!

14. Nitin Mirani

Nitin Mirani is one comedian who never runs out of unique and humorous content! His stand-up pieces and videos can really brighten anyone’s mood within a second. Moreover, we love it when he creates content with his adorable little puppy!

Well here’s everyone who has been busy making us laugh all through the lockdown. We truly have a lot of respect for all comedians out there because it takes a lot of effort to make people laugh. Who’s your favourite out of the list? tell us in comments below!

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