Content creation is a thriving field and multiple new creators are emerging every day. Even though each creator is unique in their own way, individual competition is getting more and more fierce. In this era of hustle and competition, there are a few creators who have come together and shown us that true friendship can exist between content creators. The creator group DamnFam is one such group that consists of 11 influencers (Unnati Malharkar, Manav Chabra, Addy Kumar, Arsh Fam, Aashna Hegde, Ashi Khanna, Mrunu, Anirudh Sharma, Tanzeel Khan, Sanket and Rishabh Chawla) who have decided to come together and create awesome content. Moreover, they are also one of the best squads you will come across! Here are all the reasons why DamnFam literally defines #FriendshipGoals for us.

Check them out:

1. You will see them create adorable content together

This is just one example of all the cute and fun content the team creates together! Be it on Instagram or on YouTube, you will always see them participating in challenges, dancing and collaborating with each other for different videos. They are so comfortable in each other’s presence and we absolutely love how seamless their content is.

2. They feature in music videos together

We have seen so many members of DamnFam feature in music videos together and they have always managed to look phenomenal. While we absolutely loved Tanzeel and Ashi in ‘Tera Naa‘ and Aashna and Tanzeel in ‘Befikar‘, we simply can’t wait to watch Mrunu and Anirudh in their new music video ‘Tom Cruise‘.

3. Their birthday posts are beyond heart-warming

Again, this post is just one tiny example of how adorable their birthday posts are for each other! Be it anyone’s birthday from the team, each and every member uploads their most adorable pictures and memories on Instagram. Moreover, their captions are full of love and gratitude that they have. Trust us, they have surely set a standard for friendship!

4. They pull really funny pranks on one another

What’s friendship without a bunch of funny pranks! We frequently see them pulling each other’s leg and we think it’s adorable. Moreover, pranks like these leave you such good memories, which you can later reminisce. We absolutely cant wait to see more of such funny content.

5. They go on trips together

Their vacation pictures are everything! They’ve taken multiple trips and vacations together and have documented it on their official DamnFam channel. It is so amazing to watch all of them together making awesome memories and visiting new places. Their squad is literally travelling the world and our squad can’t even plan a trip to goa!

6. Their photoshoots are lit

Have you ever seen a gang look so good? Their photoshoots are simply phenomenal and so visually appealing. We often see them collaborating for photoshoots and the pictures turn out to be so amazing!

7. They always got each others’ back

One post is not enough to show ya’ll how much love and affection they have for one another! However, you will always catch each and every member of the team rooting for their fellow team members. Be it a new song, a new YouTube video or anything else, you will see everyone encouraging one another and helping them grow as creators. If this doesn’t show true friendship, we don’t know what does!

More than any of these reasons, the deep sense of belongingness and love they have for one another is what makes the DamnFam crew so special. There are very few people in the world who will encourage you and help you grow as a person and friends like that are really special. Is your squad as lit as theirs? We would love to know in comments below!

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