Remaining motivated and optimistic can go a long way in keeping you happy and performing well. Whether it is in your personal life or your professional life, being motivated is significant. This is an essential life skill that can take you one step closer to making your dreams come true. Shayamal Vallabhjee is a monk-turned-sports scientist as well as a performance coach. He has also written several books on the same and he focuses a lot on the importance of motivation. His content on social media reminds us that being mindful has become even more important nowadays. Social media often sets unrealistic expectations and some may often lose their way or their motivation.

Here are a few posts by Shayamal that might give you the motivation you need:

1. Putting an end to self-doubt

Very often, we ourselves stand in the way of achieving our own dreams by believing that we are not good enough. Shayamal has given us 5 amazing and super effective ways to help us kill this self-doubt and start believing in ourselves. In this, he talks about giving yourself enough time and energy, having confidence. He reminds you to take pride in your success and to surround yourself with the right crowd. It is important to remember that there is always a scope to learn and to grow. Most importantly, one must actually recognize what may be bothering them, before looking for a solution.

2. Ways to save your time and money

Time and money are two significant things that help us live a comfortable life. Quite often, we struggle to find ways to use these efficiently, and hence, these tips are extremely important. Learning to keep your ego aside is of utmost importance. Understanding that it is okay to have opposing beliefs, taking responsibility for your life, and learning to listen, will go a very long way in pushing you to succeed in life.

3. Reducing anxiety

Anxiety is something that many people have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. This can often stand as a barrier between what one is capable of achieving and what the person believes he can. There is a fall in the productivity of a person as a result of anxiety so dealing with it becomes increasingly important. It has been studied that this song, and the 9 others suggested by Shayamal, can reduce anxiety by 65%. A person with a mind free from anxiety is more likely to be motivated and optimistic.

4. Motivation to read

There are plenty of us that just wish that we were avid readers but simply manage to lose all interest when we open a book to read. Reading is known to be an amazing medium to grow through and plays a huge role in forming the perspective of a person. Shayamal has 4 tips for us that could help us actually get into the habit of reading and enjoying it. He talks about being patient with yourself and go for books that are highly recommended. The most important tip of them all is to always make notes of things that seem important so that you don’t forget all you’ve learned!

5. Dealing with fear

We are all afraid of something or the other, right? But what life teaches you is that the fear of a consequence is bigger than the consequence itself. The only way to help yourself out of such a state of mind is to give yourself the time to actually recognize and understand what you’re afraid of. He prompts us to write down our fears clearly so that we can go about understanding how to deal with them.

6. Detoxification

In order to make space in our lives for positive energy, we have to get rid of anything and everything that is pulling us down. Whether it is the food we consume, the people we associate with, the environment we live in, or the way we engage in social media, everything impacts our health. To gain the motivation to achieve your goals, we have to let go of all negativity and toxicity.

Each tip reminds us to work on ourselves, and be mindful of the energy that we want around ourselves. This can give you the motivation and the focus to do better in your personal and professional life. Shayamal has experienced so much and the fact that he uses social media to share his learnings is truly inspiring.

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