Are you ready for the newest fashion trend? The next risky trend seemingly born from Instagram involves wearing flimsy, barely-there napkin shaped fabric with backless tops. Dubbed the napkin by fashion website Who What Wear, this style of top is a reinvention of the halter backless tops from the late ‘90s. Available in different variations, these garments basically have a small scrap of fabric or a hem that looks like a corner of a napkin. Who remembers so many celebrities wearing the hankie type halters with low rise jeans in the Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera era? Almost every pop star donned this type of top in animal prints like snakeskin. It was so popular I’m sure if you look back on some of your favourite movies and shows, you’ll spot this look everywhere.

A lot of influencers and fashionistas online seem to be snapping up the updated silhouette in more tonal and neutral colours like black, white, creams and greys. This style also encroaches or overlaps a little bit into the scarf as a top trend that was popular this summer as well. Rather than coming from runway trends, this resurgence seems to come solely from influencers and indie brands’ love for the ‘90s throwback trends. With more brands slowly catching up and putting their own spin on it. Currently, we’re seeing a lot of satin and crochet fabric with super-thin tie-up straps. It’s definitely a style statement not for the faint-hearted and surprisingly verges on the edge of classy and chic when balancing its overt sexiness with more tailored or baggy pieces. So if you’re not afraid to show some skin, this might be the trend for you.

Want to dip your toe into the trend? Keep scrolling for some style inspiration from these fashionistas:

1. 90’s throwback

Avani is giving us some serious Mel B, Scary Spice type vibes with the leopard print and matching headband with her curly hair. Paired with high-waisted denim and sweatshirt tied around her waist, it’s very reminiscent of the scarf tops form the late ‘90s or early 2000s. This entire ensemble could literally be pulled out from that moment in time with some updated pieces.

2. Crochet style

I’ve seen this specific crocheted knit-style top sported by so many international influencers. It seems to have gained a lot of traction and even supermodel Emily Ratajkowski was spotted wearing this exact top in black. Lauren Johnson has styled her white halter napkin top with a chic, high-waisted, black slip skirt and trendy square-soled sandals. Very stylish and sexy, it’s also perfect for keeping cool during in-between weather as we inch towards fall.

3. Crinkled texture

This is another super popular style I’ve seen all across Instagram. Doesn’t it look like a crinkled napkin or tissue? Plus you know it’s a napkin top when there are razor-thin straps at the back. Just like Valeria Lipovetsky, a lot of fashionistas have been choosing to pair these tops with more relaxed or loose trousers to balance the sexiness of the top. Paired with some delicate gold jewellery, a crossbody bag and Birkenstock sandals, she keeps the entire outfit looking casual-chic. Making it a very wearable look when running out the door.

4. Monochromatic

Marta Cygan keeps it simple yet stylish in this black-on-black ensemble. You can’t go wrong with a monochromatic formula. Very reminiscent of the camisole-style tops with a cowl neck and super thin straps on the back, the outfit makes for a delicate look even as the top exposes every inch of her back. Teaming the top with the Prada A-line skirt resulted in a sophisticated look with cool-girl vibes.

5. Risque side boob

Not for the faint-hearted or conservative dressers, Brittany Xavier’s skimpy cut exposes every inch of the back with a glimpse of the side boob. With criss-cross ties all around this halter neck, napkin top, it covers just about enough skin. The cream-coloured that she paired the top with is making me dream of a holiday! While this style might seem a little risky if you have been blessed with a bigger chest, worry not! Go for a straighter silhouette that’s form-fitting to avoid wardrobe malfunctions.

Would you be willing to give this napkin trend a shot? Let us know in the comments below.

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